How to Refund in Valorant

Valorant is a free to play game, but there is an in-game shop. There you can buy skins or any other visual effects that can be applied to the weapon. Some of the skins can be bought for a particular gun. But what should you do if you wanted to buy an awesome skin fro Vandal but bought for Phantom by mistake? That’s a situation when you need Valorant refund. Today we will explain to you how to refund skins in Valorant.

What can be refunded in Valorant?

First of all, you need to make sure that you can actually refund the stuff. If you want to refund cash, that is possible. But if you desire to refund any Valorant in-game content that is not possible. Here is the list of content that cannot be refunded in Valorant:

  • Character Contract Levels,
  • Battle Pass & Levels,
  • Weapon Skin Levels,
  • Weapon Skins once used or if you purchase a skin upgrade,
  • Radianite Points,
  • Bundles.

And the list of things you can refund in Valorant:

  • VP (for your money back)
  • Weapon Skins (if you haven’t upgraded or used them)

But as we said before you can try to refund cash and the terms of the process are described further.

How to refund cash in Valorant?

There are several ways to do that. First of all, we recommend you follow the steps we describe below.

  1. Login to your Riot Account ( Use the credentials you use to enter the game.
  2. Go here to check your purchase history. Just click the red button (Get my purchase history) and you will see all the transactions you made for this account. The data that you’ll see will be Total Spent, Date, Valorant Points, Payment Method, Amount.
  3. If you have any items that can be refunded you will be able to click the ‘Refund‘ button. Click and proceed.
  4. If all the buttons are unclickable or the system says: “You do not have anything available for an in-game refund currently!” You will need to SUBMIT a ticket. You can submit it here.

But don’t forget about Valorant refund policy! As there you will see within what period of time your refund is possible.

Valorant Refund Policy

There are several rules to remember. The first one is about refundable stuff that we have already written above. The second rule is that you must not upgrade or use the skin you want to refund. And the third one is about time limits.

When can you refund Valorant Points?

Cash refunds are available for 90 days after a transaction, provided the VP purchased wasn’t spent.

When can you refund Valorant skins?

You can refund unused content within 7 days of purchase (so long as it is, of course, refundable).

Useful links to learn about Valorant refund more:

But of course, it is better to think twice before purchasing anything to avoid refunding.

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