How to Set up Written and Voice Chat in Wild Rift

Any team-based game needs communication. If you have great calls in your team you will have more chances to cooperate and win against the enemy team. But how to adjust the settings of chat in League of Legends Wild Rift? We will tell you everything about it in this post.

Setting up Chat in Wild Rift

First let’s start with written chat. There are three types of modes for this chat:

  • All: Chat will display text from all players, including enemies.
  • Team: Chat will only display text from teammates.
  • Off: Chat will not display text from any players.

Naturally, if your chat is open for all members you will see and communicate with all the players – teammates and enemies. If you choose team option that will allow you to write and read messages only from your teammates. But if by any reasons you decide to play with out communication in chat turn it off.

To change the settings of chat in Wild Rift you should follow the next steps:

  1. Tap the gear icon in the upper right corner to open Settings
  2. Tap General
  3. Go to In-Game Chat
  4. Choose your desired setting

These will be applied only to written chat and won’t influence voice chat, so you can turn the chat off and still speak in voice with your friends.

How to turn on voice chat in Wild Rift?

That’s a good idea to communicate in voice chat while playing Wild Rift. To turn it on you need to be in a party with someone, only then you will see the microphone icon on the screen. As shown below.

turn on voice chat in Wild Rift

Just click on the icon so that it will shine. You can find the mic icon on the bottom of the screen in the Lobby and during Champ Select, then to the right of the minimap during the match. If you turn on the mic it will automatically turn on the speaker. But you can manually regulate them and turn on and off any time you please.

Also, note that Wild Rift remembers your voice chat options. Which means that if you regroup with someone else but the previous game you had your mic on, it will turn on automatically even in the group with other players. But the very first time you need to turn it on yourself as it is off by default.

Troubleshoot Wild Rift Voice chat

If you are sure that you have turned on the mic and speakers but there is still no sound and your party members cannot hear you as well, the problem may stem from hardware settings or other permissions. You should follow the steps below to solve the problem:

  • In-Game Volume – Just like other audio features, Wild Rift’s voice chat volume can be independently adjusted from Settings > Audio
  • Mic Test – Use a memo app on your device to see if your mic’s working.
  • Headset Connection – Using Bluetooth? Test both the sound and mic using other apps! Plugged in through a physical jack? Confirm that you didn’t loosen the connection with your zealous fist-pumping from last game’s victory.
  • Phone Volume – Make sure that your general settings of sound on your phone are on, or turn them louder.
  • App Permissions – Wild Rift needs to be given permission to use your device’s microphone. Check out Wild Rift’s permissions and make sure the microphone is enabled.
  • Parental Controls – Microphone permissions can be enabled/disabled through Parental Controls

Sometimes problems with wi-fi may make your voice sound strange or drop the connection, so make sure to play from a good wi-fi connection source. If such a problem occurs restart your device and restart the game.

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