How to surrender in Valorant

Valorant is a new shooter from Riot Games. This game supports PvP mode, where 5v5 teams compete against each other. The most popular game mode is to put a spike or not let the enemy do it. You can also win the round if you neutralize all opponents. In the classic game, you need to win 13 rounds of 24. If the score is equal, then everything will be decided in the 25th round with the same with zero progress. Until recently, in Valorant it was not possible to surrender. But with the latest patch, the situation has changed and in this post, we will tell you how and why.

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Valorant how to surrender

In general, there is nothing complicated. If your game doesn’t work out, all you have to do is enter a couple of commands to start voting.

Valorant surrender option

This option is called An Early Surrender and you need to start voting in the chat line by writing one of the following commands (you can just copy-paste them into your chat).

Valorant surrender commands for chat

We have specially placed them each in a new paragraph so that you can easily apply them in the game.





But these commands only start voting. Next, you need to use the other ones to vote.

Valorant surrender voting commands

You can give your vote in two ways. By pressing a key or writing a command to chat.


You agree to surrender the game.


You disagree to surrender and want to continue your match.

Or you can press F5 for Yes and F6 for No. You will see this in a popup window.

Conditions to surrender to Valorant

If you performed all the steps above correctly, but nothing happened or the game continues even after voting, then some of the conditions were not met. The fact is that Riot Games is not very positive about players who give up without trying. That is why a number of conditions were introduced for Valorant Early Surrender.

  • You cannot start voting until the 8th round of the game.
  • Each team can start voting only once per half match. Conditionally, the match is divided and the first and last 12 rounds are considered half of the match.
  • If you started voting in the middle of the round, then the vote will be postponed until the next round. Or start instantly if you started it during the buying phase.
  • In order to surrender, all members of the voting team must agree to this. Thus, even if only one player votes NO, the game will continue.

We understand that sometimes it seems that the game is already lost even without really starting. But if all the same, the Valorant surrender voting haven’t passed, do not get angry and do not ignore the desire of your teammates to fight to the end. Try your best! And who knows maybe it will be rewarded after all.

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