How to Unlock All Endgame Bosses in Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a complex game with a lot of content. You will find 10 different acts with bosses, but they are easy to find as the main questline will lead you there. But what about endgame bosses? There are plenty and each of them is a part of major mechanics implemented into the game. If you are familiar with the Atlas in Path of Exile you know that it changes from time to time and brings new challenges to players and harder endgame bosses. Here you will learn how to find and unlock all endgame bosses in PoE from old and new mechanics.

We have also written a post about League Bosses and you can learn there How to Find All Endgame League Specific Bosses in Path of Exile.

Izaro and Argus

These are two Labyrinth specific bosses. Izaro is met in Aspirant’s trial and you will need to meet him three times during one labyrinth to get enchants and ascendency points. There are four difficulties in the labyrinth: normal, cruel, merciless and eternal. Only eternal labyrinth is a part of endgame in Path of Exile. You can read more about it in Path of Exile: Labyrinth Trials Guide.

How to find Argus in PoE

As for Argus, it is a special boss that you can meet at merciless and eternal difficulties of the labyrinth. Argus hides in the labyrinth between Aspirant’s trials. There are some ways how to find Argus in PoE. The first one is to check every corner and room in the labyrinth. And the other one is to use to see the current layout of the labyrinth with a mark where Argus is located today. It is important to remember that labyrinth’s layouts change every day.

Atziri and Uber Atziri

Atziri, the Queen of the Vaal is one of the first endgame bosses that you can unlock in PoE. You will start to pick the first fragments to her location The Apex of Sacrifice while you level up. But you can enter it only after you unlock the map device in your hideout. There are two ways to find Atziri and we will tell you about each of them.

The Apex of Sacrifice

It is required to have all four fragments to open the portals to The Apex of Sacrifice:

The Apex of Sacrifice fragments
  • Sacrifice at Dusk
  • Sacrifice at Noon
  • Sacrifice at Midnight
  • Sacrifice at Dawn

In the image, you can see how these fragments look like. Also, be sure to insert them into your map device as it is shown in the picture. If your fragments don’t form a picture it won’t work. So if you don’t see activate button even after you have inverted different sacrifices have a look at them and change the places until they are right in their places.

You can find sacrifice fragments in Vaal side areas (corrupted zones on the maps) or in league specific loot. For example, in Heist chests with fragments or as follows:

1 Day of Sacrifice IIIProphecy reward
4Her Maskrandom Sacrifice fragment
1Fragmented Incubatorrandom map fragment

You will need one prophecy called Day of Sacrifice III to get one extra sacrifice fragment in the Vaal side area. Four cards Her Mask you can exchange for one random Sacrifice fragment. As for the incubator, you can get other map fragments, but it is more likely that you’ll get one of the sacrifice fragments. But don’t worry, they are very easy to obtain and cheap to buy from other players.

Throne of Atziri

This is one more location where you can find regular Atziri. Throne of Atziri is the name of the incursion rooms in the Temple of Atzoatl. When you meet Alva on maps have a look at all locations maybe you can level up one of the rooms to meet their Atziri. So the name of the first level room is Royal Meeting Room, you level it up into Hall of Lords and finally to Throne of Atziri. Each of them will influence the whole temple: 10/15/20% increased Attack & Cast Speed of all monsters there, so be careful.

The Alluring Abyss

If you want to unlock uber Atziri so The Alluring Abyss is the place you’ll need to find access to. The principle of getting there is similar to The Apex of Sacrifice. But it will be harder to find the Mortal fragments. So the list of the fragments is the following.

  • Mortal Grief
  • Mortal Ignorance
  • Mortal Rage
  • Mortal Hope

Don’t forget that all these fragments need to form the right picture when you insert them into your map device. Make sure that they are placed as shown in the picture above.

But how to get Mortal fragments? Harder than Sacrifice fragments but still easy enough. First of all, you can get one random mortal fragment after you defeat Atziri in The Apex of Sacrifice or The Alluring Abyss. The other way is to farm league specific chests like in Heist that contain map fragments or via the following recipes.

3Sambodhi’s Vowrandom Mortal fragment
1Fragmented Incubatorrandom map fragment
3Last HopeMortal Hope

Three Sambodhi’s Vow cards you can exchange for one random Mortal fragment. These cards you can get as a reward from The Gambler cards or Stacked Deck. Also, Sambodhi’s Vow cards drop from Immortal Syndicate members. Fragmented Incubator can give you random Mortal fragment as well. Three Last Hope cards you can exchange only for Mortal Hope fragment. Last Hope cards can drop from Vaal Temple Map, or Headmistress Braeta, the boss of The Putrid Cloister as well as from The Gambler cards or Stacked Deck.

The Shaper

If you are interested in the lore The Shaper is the creator of Atlas of Worlds, who also happen to be Zana’s father. He was one of the first endgame bosses that you met during Atlas exploration. Now you can find him easier than before but it doesn’t mean that he is not powerful. Before you enter The Shaper’s Realm you must defeat four Shaper guardians, who will drop you one Key to the Crucible map fragment set. There are four of them:

Key to the Crucible map fragments
  • Fragment of the Hydra
  • Fragment of the Chimera
  • Fragment of the Phoenix
  • Fragment of the Minotaur

It is also important to place them right in your map device. You can see the order above in the picture. How to obtain Key to the Crucible map fragment set you can see below.

  • Fragment of the Hydra – obtained by defeating the Lair of the Hydra Map boss
  • Fragment of the Chimera – obtained by defeating the Pit of the Chimera Map boss
  • Fragment of the Phoenix – obtained by defeating the Forge of the Phoenix Map boss
  • Fragment of the Minotaur – obtained by defeating the Maze of the Minotaur Map boss

The trick is that you will find these maps only when you farm high tier maps (14th tier minimum). There is a slight chance to find a random Key to the Crucible map fragment in league specific loot that contains map fragments. But it is much easier and quicker to get these maps when you clear maps of the 16th tier. As each of these maps is tier 16 you have more chances to obtain them there. Also, Zana missions on high tier maps can include the task to kill one of the guardians. In any case, you can my the maps or the fragments from other players.

In addition, there is one more way to get the maps with the Shaper guardians. You can collect divination cards that can randomly give you maps. You will be very lucky if you get one of those maps, but still there is a slight chance. So these cards are:

AmountIngredientGeneral Notes
4Left to Faterandom unidentified corrupted tier 16 map
4Boundless Realmsrandom Map
6The Explorerrandom corrupted Map

Like any other card, all of these can be obtained from The Gambler cards or Stacked Deck. Left to Fate is hard to obtain a card that you can get from The Pale Court area (Prophecy league specific bosses, we will write about them later). Boundless Realms can be found from Headmistress Braeta, the boss of The Putrid Cloister, and in areas: Ivory Temple, Temple, The Solaris Temple Level 1, and The Solaris Temple Level 2. The Explorer card can be acquired in areas: The Dread Thicket and Thicket.

The Elder

After Atlas of Worlds expansion with the main boss the Shaper, the new expansion called the War for the Atlas came with a new main endgame boss whose name is the Elder. Similar to other endgame bosses players must use specific map fragments in their map device to fight The Elder. These fragments drop from the Elder Guardians, and they can also be traded amongst players. The list of the fragments is below.

Key to Decay
  • Fragment of Purification
  • Fragment of Constriction
  • Fragment of Enslavement
  • Fragment of Eradication

It is also important to place each of the fragments in the right order into the map device. There are four Elder guardians that you must defeat to obtain one of the fragments of the Key to Decay.

The EradicatorThe ConstrictorThe PurifierThe Enslaver
The EradicatorThe ConstrictorThe PurifierThe Enslaver
The Eradicator map iconThe Constrictor map iconThe Purifier map icon
Map Mod
Map is occupied by The Eradicator
Area is influenced by The Elder
Map Mod
Map is occupied by The Constrictor
Area is influenced by The Elder
Map Mod
Map is occupied by The Purifier
Area is influenced by The Elder
Map Mod
Map is occupied by The Enslaver
Area is influenced by The Elder
Fragment of EradicationFragment of ConstrictionFragment of PurificationFragment of Enslavement

The mechanics of getting access to Elder Guardians is different. They don’t have specific maps as the Shaper Guardians. Instead, you can randomly get maps with Elder influence starting from tier 14. These maps are regular high tier red maps, but if you see a modifier Map is occupied by *Guardian Name* it means that in the boss room you’ll get access to that guardian. Also, the icon of the map will change as shown in the table above.

There is also a slight chance to get Key to Decay fragments in league specific mechanics that grant you with map fragments, like incubators, heists, deliriums etc.

Uber Elder

This is a special encounter where you fight both the Shaper and the Elder together. Once it was the hardest endgame encounter and it was hard to unlock it. But with the last two expansions, the Atlas has changed and you don’t need to chase them on the Atlas anymore. But you still need map fragments that form Maddening Object when you place them in your map device.

Maddening Object
  • Fragment of Knowledge
  • Fragment of Shape
  • Fragment of Emptiness
  • Fragment of Terror

Two red fragments (of Knowledge and of Shape) drop from the Shaper when you kill him. Of course, not two of them at once, but random one is guaranteed as loot. The other two black ones (of Emptiness and of Terror) will randomly drop from the Elder when you kill him. But if you want to get these fragments easier you can buy them on PoE trade.

Also, you can get fragments for Maddening Object from cards and league specific mechanics that contain map fragments as loot.

4The Eldritch Decayrandom Uber Elder fragment
1Fragmented Incubatorrandom map fragment

The Eldritch Decay is a special card that can be obtained only in the Manor of Madness area, which is a part of the arena where you fight with The Eradicator (one of the Elder Guardians). You will need four such cards to exchange them on one random fragment for the Maddening Object map set.

Sirus, Awakener of Worlds

This is the current conqueror of the Atlas. In the previous expansion, Sirus was in the lead of conquerors who kills the Elder and after that his mind betrayed him. So now he is the main endgame boss. The whole Atlas mechanics now is based on searching for Sirus. But he is not that easy, first, you need to find and kill his four subjects and conquerors as well:

  • Al-Hezmin, the Hunter
  • Veritania, the Redeemer
  • Drox, The Warlord
  • Baran, the Crusader

You will face a long way to Sirus as you will need to defeat each of the conquerors four times. When you kill one you get a watchstone that can be placed into the Atlas. That will upgrade the tier of the maps in the region and will let you kill the conquerors one more time. After that, you’ll need to kill them with three and finally four watchstones in the region. Only after that, you’ll get access to Sirus. You can continue this path until you reach the maximum Awakened level and kill Sirus on level 9.

We have a complete guide that will help you make head and tail of this mechanics: Path of Exile Atlas of Worlds Full Guide. Remember that you cannot buy access to Sirus or open a portal to him with map fragments.

The Maven

In the last expansion and in the previous challenge league a new endgame boss has been added to Path of Exile. The Maven is unlike other endgame bosses, she is not here to kill or conquer, she is here to laugh and have fun. In return she will enhance your Atlas with specific skill points in each region, that will let you farm maps there more effectively.

Echoes of the Atlas is an additional implementation to the current Atlas, so you will not skip Sirus mechanics. The Maven will come next to you all the time as you explore the Atlas. That’s how you get your first skill points. You can read more about it in Path of Exile Echoes of the Atlas Guide. But she is also an endgame boss, which you can fight.

To unlock fight with the Maven you’ll need to go through all the pass from 3 bosses fight to 10 bosses fight. It is only there where you’ll get specific loot need to fight with the Maven:

The Maven's Writ
  • Crescent Splinters. 10 of them form The Maven’s Writ from the picture in the right.

Place The Maven’s Writ into your map device and enter The Maven’s Crucible to fight the Maven herself. IF you succeed you’ll unlock the new Atlas passive skill tree The Uncharted Realms. There you’ll find notables that will help you farm endgame bosses that we have written about more efficient.

To upgrade The Uncharted Realms and get more skill points there as well as extra Crescent Splinters you might need to encounter the following specific Maven invitations:

  • Maven’s Invitation: The Formed
    • The Maven must Witness: Lair of the Hydra Map, Maze of the Minotaur Map, Forge of the Phoenix Map, Pit of the Chimera Map
  • Maven’s Invitation: The Twisted
    • The Maven must Witness: The Purifier, The Constrictor, The Enslaver, The Eradicator
  • Maven’s Invitation: The Forgotten
    • The Maven must Witness: Rewritten Distant Memory, Augmented Distant Memory, Altered Distant Memory, Twisted Distant Memory
  • Maven’s Invitation: The Hidden
    • The Maven must Witness: Uul-Netol’s Domain, Xoph’s Domain, Tul’s Domain, Esh’s Domain
  • Maven’s Invitation: The Feared
    • The Maven must Witness: Cortex, Chayula’s Domain, The Alluring Abyss, The Shaper’s Realm, Absence of Value and Meaning

Crescent Splinters drop in a stack from 2 to 5 during Maven invitation maps depending on the map difficulty. They form a special Map Fragment – The Maven’s Writ (Combine 10 Crescent Splinters to create The Maven’s Writ). Exactly the thing needed to access the Maven boss fight.

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