I, Dracula: Genesis Gameplay Video

Meet our new gameplay video about the upcoming I,Dracula: Genesis game. You can already read about I, Dracula review and share your thoughts about it. And now let’s talk a bit more about the game and its features.

I, Dracula: Genesis is a pixel art, rogue-like, isometric, new retro Sci-Fi, twin-stick shooter. You will appear in a universe which combines magic and post-apocalyptic ultra-modern weapons and devices. Developers’ idea was to give you a lot of different weapons and devices and make you learn to switch between them.

Think Binding of Isaac meets Nuclear Throne.


The game takes place in the post-apocalyptic Earth, but it is different now.

Physics laws as you knew, no longer apply. Monsters, demons, and crazy robots are everywhere, only Hunters can survive this harsh environment – and you are one of them.

As foe the loot. There is a huge amount of it. You can upgrade them as well. But there is also a permanent death, so be careful. Gameplay is very dynamic and you’ll need to get used to it. But when you so it will come handy in the local multiplayer deathmatch, which is going to be added soon.

There are six different heroes to play. But there are going to be even more in secret chambers. Also, you can get a familiar. These little creatures are hard to find, but they will follow you and fight with all they’ve got!

As you can see the game is very interesting and quick. If you are fond of difficult rogue-like games I, Dracula: Genesis can widen your collection.

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