Instant Karma | Best Gaming Moments of the Week

Are you absolute legends ready for a week jam-packed with the most karma-filled clips you’ve ever laid eyes on? The theme of this week is instant karma. Sometimes when you do something, you don’t feel those butterfly effects for years, but sometimes you get hit by some karma the second you do it! Let’s break down the clips together and vote for which one you think is best.

Our first clip takes us to the wild west with Red Dead Redemption. Now, I’m not sure what series of life choices bring you to the point where you’re getting hogtied on the edge of a cliff, but whatever they are, this guy made them. Anyways, our hero is seconds away from being tossed over the edge, when the enemy gets a little too carried away with the tying and loses his footing, dropping off the cliff’s edge. That’s what you get for being too lazy to tie a guy up THEN take him to the cliff.

Our second clip takes place in GTA, where our man is doing his best impression of OJ Simpson, speeding, running red lights, and basically being a danger to the roads. All he’s missing is a white Ford Bronco. He gets a healthy dose of instant karma when he collides with a van in the intersection and is flung from his car and onto the curb. Karma said “WE AIN’T DONE YET”, and to add insult to injury, a pedestrian boots him in the nards. Now THAT’S KARMA!

Our third and final clip takes place in PUBG. Our hero is driving a car and gets downed. Instead of finishing the job and moving on, the enemy decides a little taunting is in order. The only thing he forgot to consider while humiliating our hero is that maybe the car has a mind of its own. Mid-taunt, the enemy is backed over by the car, ending him before he can end our helpless protagonist. He deserved ALL that karma and more.

Well, which clip won? Was it the “hogtie cliff dive”, the “traffic violation, no hesitation”, or the “car kill reverse wheels”?

Check out the video and let’s hear your thoughts. New episodes are released every Friday 11am PST (2pm EST).

Make sure to vote for your favorite, and we will see you next Friday!

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