Iron Throne Talus Titans Latest Update Details

On June 18th Netmarble’s hit MMO strategy called Iron Throne available on iOS and Android added a new strategic arm for battle phases in their latest update. Talus’s Titans can now be accessed and utilized to defend and invade against player kingdoms.

There are three Titan types, Attack Type, Defense Type, and Support Type, which are now available to use. These titans can also be further strengthened with the ‘Moonstone’ weapon and further Titan Research.

Other additions in Iron Throne’s update include:

  • New Heroes – Vlad von Klaus (Vampire King) and Vlad von Fertina(Vampire Queen) are now available in-game
  • Castle Level – The maximum Castle level is now Level 45
  • New Content – Players can add a third Hero to their deck once they unlock Hero Training III Research
  • In-Game Enhancements – Changes to Event Monster Auto-Hunt, The Power of the House System Bulk Enhancement, Rune System Bulk Enhancement, Equipment Swap Slots Added, and Continuous Acquisition Popup have been made to allow for more user comfort

Iron Throne is available for download on mobile devices via the App Store and Google Play.

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