Is It Safe to Gamble on CSGO?

What’s the reason behind the growth of counter-strike in the e-gaming community?

Counter strike is almost ten years, and it remains one of the most enjoyable games in the e-gaming community. Several similar games are competing for the best FPS title, but Counterstrike just seems unique. The reason behind this popularity cannot be grasped easily as there are quite a few determining factors. Some of them are the game’s fan base, the multi-million dollar tournaments attached to being a CSGO gamer, and the ease that comes with playing the game. However, it’s important to note that there are several similar games to CSGO, but it still seems to have more popularity. Hence, it’s important to examine some of these reasons as they could also be why it’s one of the top betted games.

Is It Safe to Gamble on CSGO

Why is CSGO popular?

As mentioned above, there are several reasons why CSGO has remained one of the topmost played e games, and here are some.

  • It’s got a large community:
    Here’s one of the main reasons behind CSGO’s popularity. It’s got a large and active community. Unlike some other games, CSGO is ten years old and remains one of the most engaging games, giving players much to enjoy as well as thrills. Sometimes in 2020, CSGO recorded a monthly active player statistic of about 24 million. Making it one of the most played games in the e-gaming community.
  • Leading e-sports betting game:
    CSGO players are not just active gamers; there are also active gamblers. Hence putting CSGO as the most gambled e-sports game in the online gambling community. CSGO is one of the fundamental contributors to the growth of the e-sports gambling community with active gamblers and gamers. With the advancements in the gaming community, CSGO esports betting is becoming more and more popular by the day, with several new players coming in every month. Right now, there’s no other e-sport game with active gamblers when compared to CSGO.
  • Tournaments and live streams enabled:
    Another reason for CSGO’s popularity is because it has live streams and tournaments involved, keeping its players as active as possible. This game has no monsters; instead, it’s two teams against one another. The good guys are playing against the bad guys. It’s such that it requires several techniques, skills, and even speed, similar to Dota 2. It gives players locally and internationally the opportunity to participate in tournaments with prizes ranging from a thousand dollars to a million US dollars. As it stands, esports is on the verge of taking over the entire sporting community to being the number one, even with gambling being an added advantage.
  • It’s easy, enjoyable, and addictive:
    If there are any consolations for being so good at playing CSGO, it’s the fact that you can play and make money. So, while playing your favorite video game, you get paid also. For gamers who have been into CSGO since its development, you can now get paid for it. Being enthusiastic is not enough; how about getting paid for your enthusiasm? If you are addicted to CSGO, the least you can benefit from is getting paid for your addiction, and you can do that on Thunderpick. You get to play and place a bet while playing CSGO. If you are as good as you believe you are, then you’ve got absolutely nothing to fear! Who knows, you might be walking away with the million-dollar price in the tournament.

Is it safe to gamble on CSGO?

Yes, it’s safe to gamble on CSGO. The right question should be, where should you gamble on CSGO? What platform should you use? Now, most gamblers make the mistake of being good at the game without selecting the best gambling platforms. On some platforms, you get to enjoy all the gaming thrills but poor deposits and withdrawal methods. On some platforms, the customer support systems are just nothing to write home about. So in other, for you not to fall victim to these platforms, you must examine them and subject them to proper profiling before gambling. You, might be the best CSGO player ever; if you gamble on the wrong platform, you will lose all your stakes in a twinkle of an eye.

As mentioned earlier, Thunderpick is one of the best online CSGO gambling platforms where you get to enjoy Juicy CSGO gambling odds. They have outstanding customer care services with a top-notch gambling platform. It’s quite easy to navigate as their terms and conditions are mostly reasonable. You really should try gambling on Thunderpick! You won’t regret giving it a shot!

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