Isle Of Spirits Gameplay Video Review

Last week we shared with you a review about Isle of Spirits. A casual surviving game. Here you need to craft specific items to survive and get out of the island.

That won’t be very easy. As you have to gather all the materials fast. Your main enemy is the darkness. You must have a source of light if you don’t want to die. In Isle of Spirits your character’s death is permanent so you won’t be able to continue your journey after a deadly mistake.

Every time you start on the same island but all the resources are generated randomly again. After several tries, you will find the successful sequence of your actions in order to provide your character with every thing he needs.

That would be resources for the house and bed as well as food and source of light. Be careful as even if you stay at your house without lights your character will die. Death doesn’t come unexpectedly. First, you will see that your health points are getting lower and lower. It means that you safer from some deadly conditions. Stop their influence on your character and if you succeed prevent them in future. By the way, in the video, you can see that my character died from hunger.

That’s mainly the only rule that will help you win in the game. There are 9 achievements in Isle of Spirits in Steam. And they represent the current stay of the full gameplay. If you like casual games with craft and surviving elements then you might like Isle of Spirits.

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