Isle Of Spirits Review

Isle Of Spirits is a new indie casual survival game that was released yesterday in Steam. Which, by the way, you can buy now on Steam with a 15% discount, the deal ends June 17th. In our review, we will tell you our impressions of the game.

Survive on the island

So the main point of the aim of the game is to survive and leave the island. So the purpose your main task id to gather resources and build your first shelter but don’t forget about any light source! That’s a must to stay next to fire as darkness is your main foe. There are no other monsters to kill, but if you stay in the darkness for some time it will kill you.

Isle of Spirits Gameplay Screenshot

The other foe on your way to success is hunger. You will see an indicator in the bottom left corner of the screen. If your hunger meter in Isle of Spirits is empty you will lose health points and when they are gone your character dies. Simple as that. Moreover, there is weather in the game and you must be careful to stay safe.

In addition, you will experience different seasons. You will understand that winter has come when your temperature meter is blue. So you need to get and stack a lot of wood to survive winter and not get cold to death.

But don’t forget about your main task – get away from the island.

Craft system and Cooking

In order to leave the island, you will need to build a raft. You will see it in the crafting screen. There you’ll see all the resources you need to build it. Actually craft is pretty easy. All you need to do is to collect all the necessary ingredients and click on the item to craft it.

Isle of Spirits Bag

A great tip for you in Isle of Spirits is to stack all your stuff in your house. Because if you leave plant boxes out of the house they can be blown away with a tornado. s for the raft. First of all, you need to build a raft side, after that locate it on the ground. Then in interact with to open the raft crafting menu. All you need to do is to locate on the rafting site all the necessary things.

Some of them are cooked dishes. Of course, you can eat fresh raw food, but it is better to cook. The cooking option appears when you interact with a firecamp. You’ll need three identical ingredients to cook a dish. Also, you can make a gourmet dish, everything depends on your reaction. You will need to click the button in the green areas. If you click it within the green area which is market as gourmet, voila you have a gourmet cooked item. Get three identical gourmet cooked items to make a gourmet cooked dish.

Isle of Spirits Craft

As you can see it is pretty simple. But the game is very fast. One day lasts around 5 minutes and you’ll need to collect all the materials to survive the night and at least half of the next day. There is permadeath in Isle of Spirits, so you must care about this stuff.


Isle of Spirits is a casual and fun game where you need to be focused on what you do or you die. You will start again prepared for the action that killed you in the first place but may be killed by another. So you start again but more prepared.

That’s an interesting part on the Isle of Spiritis. As every, your run will be better than the previous one. Moreover, you will have a strong desire to win next time. And it is very captivating and addictive. Next time we will share with you a gameplay video on our Expert Game Reviews YouTube channel, so subscribe not to miss it!.

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      • Casual and fun game.
      • Simple and handy craft.
      • Lack of plot or story.
      • Uncomfortable controls (you can't move the camera up and down).
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