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Last Epoch is a new ARPG that is currently under development by Eleventh Hour Games studio. It has been two years since the Early Access launch and Last Epoch has changed a lot. You can see the roadmap with implementations and changes here. Also, we have written several posts that will help you become a better player in Last Epoch and as for this post, here you’ll find the most useful tips for Last Epoch beginner.

Last Epoch First Impression
Last Epoch Best Builds For Every Class

Last Epoch Starter Tips

Here you’ll find a list of the most important tips for Last Epoch beginners.

Last Epoch Skill Tags
  • Read carefully. The are differences between different mods that may sound like the same, for example, %more and %increased damage are different modes (the first one is better).
  • Watch your ground. As in many other ARPGs you will see the area where enemies deal damage, so be careful and don’t stay in circles, for example.
  • Examine your skills. If you ALT+right-click a skill on the skill panel you will see more information about it as well as damage type and attribute scaling.
  • Find your balance in the attack. You should always have the balance between your flat damage (that comes from your weapon’s implicit and explicit modifiers, and sometimes from passive or skill tree) and increased damage scaling (from passive tree and gear).
  • Balance for casters. Make sure to use a wand or sceptre with a high “+ adaptive spell damage” implicit and get decent increased damage scaling from passive tree and gear.
  • Count your scales. Remember that the increased scaling found inside active skill trees is multiplicative with the sum of other increases from gear or passive trees.
  • Discover the craft. Don’t be afraid to craft from the very beginning, but save Glyph of the Guardian is better to save for later at least for level 30-40. You can focus on crafting gear on a good basis that can be later improved.

We will write more guides that will help you craft more efficient in Last Epoch.

Last Epoch Building Tips

What is the best build in Last Epoch? Or how to make a good build yourself? These questions are briefly answered in the list below.

  • Plan your build. You should come across our post Last Epoch Best Builds For Every Class and find the best-suited class for you. Plan in advance what sort of damage you want to play with, will you play as a ranger or melee character. After that see the skills that trees of the different options and pick your build.
  • Build defence. Don’t underestimate defence when you are planning your build. A good defence should consist of:
    • resistance (requires a mix of gear and passives, depending on the class and available skills),
    • armour (reduces damage taken from all hits doesn’t include damage over time),
    • dodge (mostly gear dependent, very good defence early on as it doesn’t require much gear),
    • glancing blows (probably the best defence mechanic, requires gear and starts appearing past level 25/30+),
    • critical strike avoidance (chance to downgrade an enemy’s crit on you to a regular hit),
    • block (mostly for sentinel and mage/spellblade classes),
    • endurance (you take reduced damage based on your portion of your health left),
    • ward (mostly for a mage, acolyte and maybe sentinel/paladin).
Last Epoch Defence Tips
  • Stack health points. Even though you have good defence it is worth thinking about stacking health points from the tree.
  • Take advantage of your build. Learn skills and their scales and take advantage of them.
  • Get skills from class trees. Only one class can be mastered but passive skill points you can out in any class tree. This helps you open new skills from the relevant branches.

Also we wanted to share with you some tips about every class below.

Last Epoch Classes Starter Tips

Below you will see a brief description of tips that will help you if you start playing one o Last Epoch classes listed below.


By levelling this class it will be useful to take additional passives for HP and vitality. They will also be usefully rolled on your gear. It is important to immediately determine whether this build will be with or without a shield. If so, don’t forget to take the Aegis of Renewal (Grants a 25% chance to gain 10 health on block). Both Void Knight and Paladin have strong utility skills don’t forget to put some points at respective trees to unlock them. For a melee warrior, the main stat will be strength, and for a caster, attunement.


Your main attribute stat is intelligence if you play a mage. It increases the damage of almost all your skills, so try to get it in your gear. This class has very useful spell utilities such as teleport, focus and flame ward. These spells are used in almost all builds. Also, a mage has a large number of various passives and spells that allow him to effectively use the ward together or instead of health.


The primalist will unite both the summoner and the caster/melee fighter. It will be difficult to make a pure summoner out of it, so be prepared to assist your companions in killing mobs. It is important to remember that both companions and totems are minions, so their damage depends on the stats, which clearly written as minions. For example, “minion spell damage”. Depending on the path you choose, you have to level up strength, dexterity or attunement.


It can be either a pure summoner or a spellcaster who uses necrotic spells. He has a variety of skills that will reduce his HP giving in return high damage and alternative ways to survive the damage from enemies such as Reaper Form or Death Seal. Intelligence is an important attribute for him.


In battle, the rogue uses either melee skills or battle range attacks. His advantage is the ability to improve dodge skills and use your various techniques to distract enemies or neutralize them. Therefore, such skills as Decoy and Smoke bomb will be very useful, both in levelling and in the endgame. The main stat is dexterity.

We hope you find this Last Epoch Beginner Guide useful. You can see more Last Epoch guides and builds via the link below.

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