Last Epoch Early Access Development Progress

Last Epoch is one of the newest action RPGs on the market. It is currently available on Steam in early access. As any other indie game, which is presented in early access Last Epoch is far from being finished but still, it is worth our attention as the game develops fast and has great potential. In this post, you will read about Last Epoch Early Access Development Progress. What has already been done, what’s being worked on and what to expect from Last Epoch in the future.

What is Last Epoch?

As we have already said it is an action RPG. There are five main classes, which has three specializations per each. thanks to this Last Epoch has a wide variety of play styles and builds. According to developers you can experience over 100 skill trees and find unique ways of playing.

Last Epoch First Impression

Last Epoch Best Builds For Every Class

To learn more about the game you can read our previous articles and guides about Last Epoch, we’ve mentioned above.

What has been done in Last Epoch?

Now we will tell you more about the Last Epoch Development phases and what has already been done. Here is the list of features that you can play right now as all of them are ready. We have grouped them by phases. Also, please note that these phases are referred to the early access stage only.

Last Epoch Phase 1

  • Chapter 6 content
  • Friends and chat updates
  • Graphics Updates
  • Voice acting
  • Respec system
  • Buff and debuff UI
  • In-game gold gambling systems

Last Epoch Phase 2

  • Chapter 7 content
  • Time rifts
  • In-game mechanics guide
  • Character introductions
  • Quest system updates
  • Animation updates
  • Idol system
  • Staves and catalysts
  • Item and crafting updates

These two phases are completed and you can expect nothing more from them. But there are also other features done from two following phases.

Last Epoch Phase 3

  • Chapter 8 content
  • Rogue class
  • Bladedancer mastery
  • Markman mastery
  • Duel wielding

Last Epoch Phase 4

  • Loot filter
  • End-game system: monolith of fate updates
  • Tooltip DPS

There are also other points that will be added during these phases soon.

What will be added soon to Last Epoch?

The current phase of development is the third one. You can see that many points have been already implemented, but some of the features are under development right now. So the list of Last Epoch ongoing tasks is:

  • New and s reworked bosses, enemies and areas
  • Performance improvements
  • New skills and augment trees
  • new item types
  • UI updates

You can expect them to be the next step or patch in Last Epoch.

What’s next in Last Epoch?

After that there is also the last early access phase – the fourth one. You will see many implementations. Such as we share below.

Last Epoch Phase 3

  • Multiplayer testing
  • End-game system: gates of memorium
  • Lost memories

Last Epoch Phase 3

  • Chapter 9 content
  • Runemaster, Warlock and Falconer classes
  • Item trading system: The Bazaar
  • End-game system: Epoch’s call
  • Legendaries
  • Eternity cache

So these are Last Epoch’s plans for the future and we hope to see them soon enough. The source of our information is here. Meanwhile, the game develops fast and you can have a great time playing it already. We will write more Last Epoch guides to help you learn more about the game.

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