Last Epoch Loot Filter – Complete Guide

In this guide, you will learn how Last Epoch Loot Filter works, the basic rules for sorting things and you can download ready-made Loot Filters for Last Epoch, as well as instructions on how to import Loot Filter to your PC.

What is Loot Filter?

So what is Loot Filter? These are special conditions that will help you to more easily and quickly deal with the dropped out loot. You can register them yourself in the game (Settings – Gameplay – Interface – Loot Filter) or download and import a ready-made one.

List of Loot Filter features that will help sort the dropped items:

  • Hide all Items, not for your class
  • Hide items depending on their rarity or affix tier
  • Hide items based on character level (low base types)
  • Recolour all class-specific affixes for all or special base types
  • Always highlight Unique, Set and Exalted Items
  • Show/Recolour only highest base types
  • Show/Recolour class-specific Idols
  • Show/Recolour all items with at least one higher affix regardless of class
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These criteria allow you to minimize the number of things that will be shown on the screen, which will help you quickly and better understand if good things (or bases for crafting) fell from mobs, hiding unnecessary and low-quality items.

How a Loot Filter works

If you decide to create your own Loot Filter or if you want to edit an already prepared one, you should remember the main rule – Loot Filter does work from the top to the bottom. What does it mean? If an item matches all Conditions of a Rule, EVERY other Rule below that will be ignored (not even checked).

Last Epoch Loot Filter Priority

How does it work? If a Loot Filter has two criteria: the first is to Recolour all Idols types, and the second is to twist all Idols. But since the first is Recolour, then all the dropped Idols will be shown in a different colour, and since they fit the first criterion, the second, which should hide them, will be ignored.

How to set up your own Loot Filter

Based on how the criteria for showing or hiding things work when using Loot Filter, there are two methods for creating your own Loot Filter:

First Method: Choose the items you need (base types or by affix tier) and Recolour/Emphasize them. This will increase their visibility, and in case of any errors when creating the list of criteria, you will still be able to see the thing that you did not enter in the Loot Filter. So after some time, you will create your own Loot Filter, which will highlight all the valuable and necessary things.

Last Epoch Loot Filter First Method

Second Method: HIDE ALL, then deliberately show stuff you want to see. This method is suitable for those who have already figured out and know how to use Loot Filter, because if set up incorrectly, you simply will not see any dropped items. It is also suitable for those looking to find a very limited set of items (for example, for farming end-game craft equipment or idols).

Last Epoch Loot Filter Hide All

Loot Filters for all Classes

If you want to download a ready-made, customized Loot Filter, here are some examples. How to add them to the game is described below.


Pastebin Links:

How to Import Loot Filter

There are two ways to add Loot Filter to your game:

  • Method 1:
    Copy xml files into root partition, most likely [C]:
    C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch\Filters
  • Method 2:
    Copy pastebin content -> In-Game Open Loot Filter (Shift + F) -> Select No Filter -> Import Filter -> Paste Clipboard Contents

We hope that you find this article useful and make awesome loot filters for yourself and other players. You can share your Last Epoch loot filters with us and we will pick the best ones to add in this post.

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