Last Epoch Rogue is Now Available!

The recently released Patch 0.8 opened up the possibility to play as a new class – Rogue, as well as new types of items.

The Rogue

A new class that perfectly combines melee and ranged combat skills. It is distinguished from other classes by its high mobility and good damage, as well as good skills for survival. Smoke Bomb and Decoy can save you more than once. We were very pleased with the basic skills of the class, namely the ability to use them regardless of the weapon – be it a melee weapon or bow. This will help determine the choice of one of the two available Master classes.

Last Epoch Rogue


A deadly melee fighter, whose main task is to kill his target as quickly as possible. Skills, in addition to high damage, provide additional mobility in the form of jumps and combo strikes, as well as the ability to become invulnerable and disappear for a while. In addition, you will receive a bonus to your faithful assistants – Shadows.


This Master class unlocks AoE bow skills, which the base class lacks so much. You will be able to completely control the enemies around you, without giving them a chance to approach. High attack speed and agility will be the key qualities of this bowman.

New Items Types

The release of the new class added several new types of weapons to the game at once:

  • Daggers with 11 subtypes that all classes can use;
  • Bows and Quivers, for use as an off-hand with equipped bows as Rogue-specific weapons.

Dual Wielding

Now multiple classes can use two weapons at once! Though for this you need to learn the passive node from a Passive skill tree, so this ability is not available from the very beginning of the game. Different classes will be able to take different types of weapons in the second hand, namely:

  • Primalists can use axes or swords in their offhand;
  • Rogues can use daggers or swords in their offhand;
  • Sentinels can use swords in their offhand;
  • Spellblades can use swords in their offhand.

In addition, the game featured rebalances many skills and passives, enemies and optimized overall performance.

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