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Last Epoch is still in early access and while many new features appear in every new patch Last Epoch multiplayer is still a question. Developers claim to work hard on this issue and are really excited to finally get to it. So when will Last Epoch multiplayer appear in the game?

Unfortunately, there is no actual release date for the multiplayer feature in Last Epoch but still, we can say some things regarding gameplay and other things. You will be able to be in a party of up to 4 players, including yourself. Only with characters that you’ve chosen to create as online characters can be played in online multiplayer. All characters created offline will not be transferable to the online multiplayer environment to prevent cheating. You will enter the world on a single character and be able to party with people in that same mode once in the game world. For example, if you create a hardcore character you will load into the game and then be able to form parties with other hardcore characters. You will see many other players in public non-combat areas like towns and the Bazaar. But when adventuring through the world you will only see other players in your party. Besides having an organized or synergistic team that can defeat enemies faster than a solo player, developers are not planning to incentivize parties with additional rewards.


Events that are not repeatable within the same instance, such as killing a boss, will complete an objective or start a quest for everyone in the instance. Repeatable events, such as walking to a location or talking to an NPC, will only complete an objective or start a quest for the player triggering the event, but other players can trigger it in the same way. Generally, if you skip to completing an objective further along a quest line than you were before it will fast forward you to that point, so skipping ahead does not leave you unable to progress. If you skip the parts of the story that give passive points and idol slots with a group, you’ll need to go back and complete the quests. It’s worth noting that there are more quests with idol inventory rewards than you need to fully unlock your idol inventory, so you don’t have to complete all of them. Passive point rewards are planning to be in the same way.

When additional party members join an area monster’s health (but not damage) will scale up per party member. All characters will be able to resurrect each other by clicking on a downed party member and channelling for a brief moment. Hardcore characters cannot be revived. While players may build to be tankier or heal allies there is no designation that a player IS or is not a tank/healer or other. Parties will not need to be built with tanks and healers in mind. The design goal is to have it so that a party that is cooperating is slightly more efficient than a solo player and a disorganized party is slightly less efficient than a solo player. Some party compositions will synergize well together and many skills and classes that will give benefits to parties.


Any player will be able to click the monolith stone to bring up their run of that timeline and choose an echo. Other players in the party can then follow that player into their echo, help them complete it, and share the rewards. The stability reward will go towards each of the players’ individual runs of that timeline, as will quest echo completion. However, other players’ quest echo runs and stability will not be reset if they complete the third quest echo in another player’s timeline run. You will get blessings if you help to kill a monolith boss at a party.


Loot drops will be instanced, meaning that only you will see the items that are dropped for you. You will not see or be able to interact with other player’s loot. Loot will drop at the same rate and rarity that it does when not at a party. If you are playing together at the same party when the item is dropped you will be able to give it to one another. Also, players will be able to link items in chat.

Trade System

The trading system is still a work in progress and will require scale testing, but are centralized around having an area for players to congregate called The Bazaar. In the Bazaar, you can visit other player’s shops and purchase items for in-game gold. The player shops that appear are random so the act of finding gear that you are interested in feels like browsing an active bazaar instead of finding players on third party websites to trade with directly. As mentioned, players in a party will also be able to give items to each other, as long as the item dropped after both players joined the party.


Developers want to add PvP but they are currently focused on making the PvE experience the best that it can be. This means that PvP would come after 1.0.

For now that’s everything we know about Last Epoch Multiplayer but we will write more if new information comes out.

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