League of Legends: 5 Tips How to Win Early Game

A lot of ranked games in low and medium ranges (from Iron till Platinum) end before the 30th minute and don’t reach the late game. This is usually due to the fact that one team gains a huge advantage and ends the game by breaking the nexus or by the surrender of the opposite team. Therefore, how good you are at the very beginning in League of Legends is greatly affects the success and speed with which you will climb the ladder. So, it is extremely important to learn to win in the early game, as this will serve as a good bonus for mid-game and your victory!

Improve your skill

The ability to perform basic actions without errors is what distinguishes pro players from beginners. After all, losing to your opponent by the number of CS (creep score – the number of mobs killed) means buying fewer or worse items and losing the battle, which will entail an even greater gap in gold and experience.

League of Legends Victory

Therefore, first of all, you should learn how to correctly and accurately finish creeps (or quickly and efficiently farm neutral monsters if you are a jungle). It will be optimally to have 8-9 cs per minute, although still try to have 100 CS in the 10th minute (a perfect score is 107, by the number of spawned creeps) and about 200 in the 20th. Of course, in a real game there are different priorities (for example, to get a kill and go to the base so as not to die or help another line), so do not ignore everything around for the sake of farming.

How to learn last hitting? Start a custom game and standing on your line just finish the mobs. Once you get 100+ in 10 minutes, put a bot against you. When it gets easy against a bot, begin to hone your skills in PvP, because against the players single last hitting will not be enough. It’s time to combine mobs and harassing – attacking enemy champions.

To weaken the enemy and prepare the way for ganks or to prevent the enemy team from playing aggressively is the key to gaining an advantage in the game.

If the opponent is playing very save game and does not substitute for your auto-attacks, then it’s time to do zoning. Zoning is control over a section of the line where you restrict enemy access to you or your creeps. After all, not giving the enemy a source of years means getting a gap in items, which will give you more resources to attack.

Also one of the important elements of the game is the correct kiting skill. Kiting is the ability to keep your distance from an enemy champion or mob, inflicting damage or controlling it. This skill will allow you to survive in the most difficult moments and win skirmishes when the advantage is not on your side.

Learn your champion

Another important aspect is to choose and understand your champion correctly. Pro players can play all the champions in their role, but each of them has a small pool of champions, which he plays best. This also applies to ordinary players – it is very difficult to play at a high level with any champion.

Choose 2-3 champions that you manage to play the best and try to get to know them better. What is the optimal purchase and what is the order of purchases, what items will help against counter-peaks, what capabilities of abilities you did not know about? Learn everything about those champions. Constant practice will give results – you can feel confident on the line, understand when and how to play.

Follow current meta

Meta (most effective tactic available) is one of the ever-changing things in the game. It is important to keep track of patches and news in order to understand how the balance in the game changes. Understanding the current meta will help you choose the champion that you will learn to play and improve your game skills.

Of course, you can ignore this and play with your favorite champions, but it is much easier to play with those that receive a buff in a recent patch or are perfectly suited to the current pace of the game. For example, a quick push on a bot or a tank top will help you complement the team setup and to win the game will be much easier. To find out which champions are now the most sought after, these sites will help – gol.gg and probuilds.

Vision is a key to success

In one of our League of Legends guides, we talked about which places are best to ward. However, putting a ward and getting vision is only half of the battle. It is important to monitor the minimap and understand where the enemy team is located.

Watch the enemy jungler carefully. If other lines have wards and a jungler is not there, then most likely he will come to your lane to gank, especially if you pushed the lane and were left without wards.

Another tip – do not hesitate to ping if you see the enemy on the ward, even if it is not on your lane. Other players may not notice this, and if you have an extra second, then pinging and attracting the attention of the teammate to movements on the map of an enemy team can save him from a gank.

Teamwork and communication

This is probably the most difficult thing you have to learn. Sometimes it’s not easy if you have a team member who is a flame player or who plays his role very poorly. Do not forget that everyone has difficult days and different situations in life. Therefore, try not to focus on the negative aspects, but focus on the game itself.

League of Legends Teamwork

Ignore the flame and try to help the losing lane to prevent the enemy team from the snowball. After all, it is much easier to try to win the game as a team than to turn it into unnecessary proceedings for anyone who and where was wrong.

We hope these League of Legends tips will help you increase your win rate and achieve your coveted rank!

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