League of Legends All Championship Limited Skins List

League of Legends Worlds Championship is a great event that brings a lot of fun. But except eSports, it unlocks specific skins that can be obtained only while Championship is active. Right now during League of Legends Worlds Championship 2020, you have great opportunity to buy a lot of fantastic skins, which we will describe further.

There are several categories of LoL skins that become available during worlds. First of all, it’s Championship skins. Each year Riot Games add new Champion skin to League of Legends to celebrate Worlds. This time it is Championship LeBlanc.

LoL Championship Skins List

Below you will see the complete list of all Championship skins in League of Legends. All of them you can exchange in the in-game shop for RP right now. But hurry up as Worlds 2020 finals are scheduled for 31 October and LoL PvP season 2020 ends 10th November, so soon Championship skins will be dismissed from the shop until next year.

Championship Thresh

Cost 975RP

Championship Shyvana

Cost 975RP

Championship Kalista

Cost 975RP

Championship Zed

Cost 975RP

Championship Riven 2016

Cost 975RP

Championship Ashe

Cost 1350RP

Championship Kha’Zix

Cost 1350RP

Championship Ryze

Cost 1350RP

Championship LeBlanc

Cost 1350RP

You can see them in bigger dimension if click on the image.

World Championship Winner Skins

In addition to Championship Skins, you can also purchase World Championship Winner Skins for the same limited period of time. There are nine groups of skins each of them contain five skins. In case you don’t know, every year players of the team that wins Worlds pick champions (1per each player participated in matches) and Riot Games make thematical skins for those champions to represent the team. Therefore you’ll see such teams as Fnatic, TPA, SKT T1, SSW, SSG, iG, FPX. SKT T1 has many skins as they won the Championship three times. So the list of all World Championship Winner Skins is below.

Fnatic Skins

Fnatic Corki750
Fnatic Gragas750
Fnatic Janna750
Fnatic Jarvan IV750
Fnatic Karthus750

TPA Skins

TPA Mundo750
TPA Ezreal750
TPA Nunu750
TPA Orianna750
TPA Shen750

SKT T1 Skins

SKT T1 Jax750
SKT T1 Lee Sin750
SKT T1 Vayne750
SKT T1 Zed750
SKT T1 Zyra750
SKT T1 Alistar975
SKT T1 Azir975
SKT T1 Elise975
SKT T1 Ryze975
SKT T1 Renekton975
SKT T1 Kalista975
SKTT1 Skins 3
SKT T1 Ekko1350
SKT T1 Jhin1350
SKT T1 Nami1350
SKT T1 Olaf1350
SKT T1 Syndra1350
SKT T1 Zac1350

SSW Skins

SSW Skins
SSW Rengar750
SSW Singed750
SSW Talon750
SSW Thresh975
SSW Twitch975

SSG Skins

SSG Skins
SSG Ezreal1350
SSG Gnar1350
SSG Jarvan IV1350
SSG Rakan1350
SSG Taliyah1350
SSG Xayah1350

iG Skins

iG Skins
iG Camille1350
iG Fiora1350
iG Irelia1350
iG Kai’Sa1350
iG LeBlanc1350
iG Rakan1350

FPX Skins

FPX Gangplank1350
FPX Lee Sin1350
FPX Malphite1350
FPX Thresh1350
FPX Vayne1350

So these are all available skins related to League of Legends Worlds Championship. Hurry up if you want to buy any of them as soon they are going to lock for the next year.

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