League of Legends All-Star 2020 Voting

It is time to pick teams for the All-Start 2020 event in League of Legends. You can find the dates when it is possible to vote for the members of All-Star teams.

It’s time to cast your votes: who do you think Runs the Rift? For each region, pick your top pro per role by November 16th. Then watch the action live December 18-20.

How to vote for LoL All Star?

It is easy as pie. You can pick team members for each role in every region separately. No matter what region you are from you can pick any of them, but only one.

  • Visit this page to vote for teams
  • If you were not logged in, enter with your Riot client credentials
  • Make your votes
LoL All-Star

After you make your choice you will see the results of the voting and you won’t be able to change your votes.

Don’t forget to watch All Star on December 18-20. The voting closes November 16th.

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