League of Legends Conqueror Clash: 11-12 July

Riot Games has announced a new Clash tournament that will take place next weekend July 11 and 12. Collect your team and sign up for the competition now!

How to sign up for LoL Conqueror Clash

That’s easy. Collect a team of five players. you should play League of Legends good to succeed but everything depends on your desire and skill. After that, you can sign up. The signups will be open Monday, July 6 for this special one-weekend Conqueror Clash tournament! You can simply follow the instructions here.

Take these steps to create your League of Legends Clash team:

Before you start creating your team’s profile on clash make sure that you are all set. This check list will help you prepare.

  • You will need to make team tittle and create a logo. You can also click “choose for me” to get it auto-filled with random data.
  • You need to be signed in to follow the next step. Invite your teammates into the team.
  • Your team must be ranked, but you all may have different skills.
  • Smurfs ARE NOT ALLOWED. That will lead you to ban.
  • After that, you need to enter a ticket. It will influence the rewards you get.
  • You will be assigned an opponent. Then you’ll see their top champions as well as they will see yours. But it means that you can prepare the picks beforehand.
LoL Clash registration
  • Champ select follows a pro-style draft: Two ban phases and two pick phases; ban three, pick three, ban two, pick two. The team captain makes all ban decisions.

After that, your team will be scheduled for a tournament with other 8 teams of your level.

LoL Conqueror Clash tournament schedule and rewards

Matches will be held on Saturday, July 11 and Sunday, July 12—check the client for your region’s schedule.

As it is a one-weekend tournament the rewards have been adjusted:

  • 400 VP: Banner Level 1
  • 600 VP: Banner Level 2
  • 1000 VP: Banner Level 3

Premium ticket rewards:

  • Placing 1st through 5th in your bracket rewards a random Legacy Conqueror skin permanent (Karma, Varus, or Alistar).
  • Placing 6th through 8th in your bracket rewards a Legacy Conqueror skin shard (Karma, Varus, or Alistar).

Tell us more about your team and we will follow-up your results!

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