League of Legends Halloween Skins

Halloween night is closer and closer. So it is the time when Riot Games provides special offers for all LoL Halloween Skins. In addition, there new Bewitching skins that will let you celebrate the holiday with all its beauty. Read on to learn about all spooky skins in League of Legends.

All LoL Halloween Theme Skins

We will divide them by years so you can see which ones are the freshest ones. Also, remember that almost all of the skins below are currently on a limited time sale in League of Legends. By the way, Halloween skins in LoL are also referred to as Tales from the Rift skins.

Shadow Isles Skins

These skins were introduced almost a decade ago with the release of Twisted Treeline however have since been re-released with the Tales from the Rift skins annually. Shadow Isles Skins are available only during LoL Halloween sale! The prices are shown in Riot Points on the current date.

Name Cost
Headless Hecarim975
Haunted Maokai975
Underworld Twisted Fate975

Other Tales From the Rift by Years

Remember that all event skins are available for purchase only during the event! Usually, it is a week before and after the Holiday. This year LoL Tales From the Rift skins are available from 24th October till 7th November 2020. Don’t miss a chance to buy spooky skins!

2010 Skins

Name Cost
Pumpkinhead Fiddlesticks520
Mundo Mundo975
Kitty Cat Katarina975
Zombie Ryze975
Nosferatu Vladimir975

You can click on the images to see them in full size. By the way, these skins are reclassified as Legacy since October 2013.

2011 Skins

Name Cost
Definitely Not Blitzcrank520
Haunting Nocturne520
FrankenTibbers Annie975
Bewitching Nidalee975

2012 Skins

Name Cost
Headmistress Fiora975
Pirate Ryze975
Zombie Brand1820

2013 Skins

Officer Vi and Haunted Zyra are permanently available for purchase!

Name Cost
Officer Vi975
Haunted Zyra1350

2014 Skins

Name Cost
Ravenborn LeBlanc975
Underworld Wukong1350
Reaper Soraka1350

2015 Skins

Name Cost
Zombie Slayer Pantheon975
Zombie Slayer Jinx1350
Zombie Nunu&Willump1350
Zombie Slayers Skins LoL

2016 Skins

Name Cost
Bewitching Morgana975
Little Devil Teemo1350
Bewitching Tristana1350

2017 Skins

Name Cost
Death Sworn Katarina1350
Death Sworn Viktor1350
Death Sworn Zed1350

2018 Skins

Name Cost
Count Kledula1350
Trick or Treat Ekko1350
Bewitching Janna1350

2019 Skins

Bewitching Miss Fortune Prestige Edition is a limited edition skin that can be obtained only with 100 prestige points!

Name Cost
Witch’s Brew Blitzcrank1350
Count Kassadin1350
Bewitching Miss Fortune1350
Bewitching Miss Fortune Prestige Edition 100 prestige points

New LoL Tales from the Rift 2020 Skins

These are the latest skins made for League of Legends Tales from the Rift 2020.

Name Cost
Pumpkin Prince Amumu1350
Little Devil Fizz1350
Bewitching Elise1350

Hope you have great spooky Halloween in League of Legends.

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