League of Legends New Item System PBE

Great news about League Legends. Now we can share with you some information about new items system in League of Legends upcoming in LoL pre-season soon. We will share looks and details based on PBE and share with you detailed YouTube video from Riot.

How LoL Items will change?

Significantly. You will see an absolutely new approach to building your champion. Everything depends on the new items category: Mythic items. League of Legends Mythic items will differ from each other by the bonus they give to legendary items. That’s another new type of items. The main difference in them is that you can wear only one Mythic item, legendary items will get special bonuses from the mythic one.

League of Legends new shop interface

So how it works. In the new shop interface, you will see recommended items that will adjust to your champion, playstyle and game. With every new patch, this system will work better. In the left part of the interface, there are consumables and boots. The star shows which of them are the best for your champion. In the main body of the interface are items that you can sort by role or damage type. The task is to collect 4 legendary items and then get one mythic item that will help you win. That means that if you lack armour you should buy a mythic item that gives 5% armour to all legendary items you’ve got.

Such a system will help you react with accordance to the situation and don’t sacrifice crucial items. But a lot of current meta items will be replaced to mythic ones and you will see the gaps. Don’t worry they will be filled with legendary items that will reflect the missing items’ powers. Or will be completely new.

New Item System PBE

The other important thing that you’ll see in new LoL item system and shop is a set of builds. You can see what items are the best for your champion and what items to choose against the other champions in the game. Also, your recommended build will changes relevantly to your playstyle and the match.

Later we will write a guide for you to make it more clear and useful. Meanwhile, you can watch the video above to learn more.

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