League of Legends Rise of The Sentinels Missions

So Rise of The Sentinels has finally got to League of Legends and new content is great and exciting. As we say more about the gameplay in League of Legends Rise of the Sentinels Event Overview, here you will learn more about Rise of The Sentinels Missions.

Sentinels of Light 2021 starts on July 8th, 2021 at 1:00 PM (PT) and ends August 9th, 2021 at 11:59 PM (PT).

Missions will start and stop on the same dates, but you’ll have until August 25th, 2021 at 1:00 PM (PT) to spend your Sentinels Tokens. You must go to the Rise of the Sentinels tab in-game and join the Order to start your journey and track your progress!

If you are fond of League of Legends and love their events you know that every event comes with a pass and bundles. We will tell you more about them in the next post, but here you will see the missions that require a pass and in the end some extra free Rise of The Sentinels missions.

Milestone Missions (Pass Required)

Each Milestone requires you to score 15 points, which can be earned by winning (5 points) or even losing (2 points) any matchmade game.

1Sentinels of Light Pass Icon
25 Prestige Points
310 Wins XP boost
45 Prestige Points
5Boo (Emote)
65 Prestige Points
71500 Blue Essence
85 Prestige Points
9Spooked (Emote)
105 Prestige Points
11The Crown (Emote)
121500 Blue Essence
13500 Orange Essence
14Mystery Emote Permanent
151 Gemstone
16Hextech Key
171 Masterwork Chest
18750 Orange Essence
19Ruined Orb
201 Gemstone

Token Missions (Pass Required)

Tokens are only given for games against other players!

Win a matchmade game on Summoner’s Rift10 Tokens
Lose a matchmade game on Summoner’s Rift5 Tokens
Win a matchmade game of ARAM6 Tokens
Lose a matchmade game of ARAM3 Tokens
Place 1st or 2nd in a game of TFT8 Tokens
Place 3rd or 4th in a game of TFT6 Tokens
Place 5th or 6th in a game of TFT4 Tokens
Place 7th or 8th in a game of TFT2 Tokens
Win a matchmade game of Ultimate Spellbook6 Tokens
Lose a matchmade game of Ultimate Spellbook3 Tokens

Weekly Wins (Pass required)

Every time you win in Summoner’s Rift, ARAM, Ultimate Spellbook, or TFT (placing in the top 4), you’ll earn 5 points. For losing of placing lower than 4th place you’ll earn 2 points.

Week 1: Score 35 Points230 Tokens
Week 2: Score 35 Points230 Tokens
Week 3: Score 35 Points230 Tokens
Week 4: Score 50 Points310 Tokens

Rookie Missions (Free Rise of The Sentinels Missions)

These missions are related to the Rise of Sentinels story path and you will see them only from week 3 of the journey. The rewards will depend on your roaster.

Week 3

Merciful WarriorRiven (A) + Irelia (A)Most Assists on Your Team25
Tormented FighterRiven (A) + Diana (A)Most Gold on Your Team25
Spiteful VanguardOlaf (A) + Irelia (A)Most Kills on Your Team25
Cunning BerserkerOlaf (A) + Diana (A)Highest Creep Score on Your Team25

Week 4

Grim HuntRiven (B) + Irelia (B) + Rengar (A)Get a kill streak of Godlike or better50
Decisive AssaultRiven (B) + Diana (B) + Rengar (A)Get First Blood (Assists do not count)70
Depths of RageOlaf (B) + Irelia (B) + Pyke (A)Win a game having dealt at least 28,000 damage to champions50
Inner DarknessOlaf (B) + Diana (B) + Pyke (A)As a team, have a higher CC score than the enemy team40
Deadly PresenceRiven (B) + Irelia (B) + Pyke (A)Earn a Quadra Kill or better50
Ebbing BladeRiven (B) + Diana (B) + Pyke (A)Takedown each enemy champion at least once50
Brutal BashOlaf (B) + Irelia (B) + Rengar (A)Deal more damage to champs than you took40
Wild AmbushOlaf (B) + Diana (B) + Rengar (A)Win a game in a premade group of 3 or more total players (2 Friends)30

These free missions will not give you Sentinel tokens, but you will get Sentinel PPoints instead which you can read about in the previous post How to get Sentinel Points – League of Legends Rise of the Sentinels.

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