League of Legends Snowdown Skins

Christmas Eve approaches and it is great chance to celebrate winter holidays together with League of Legends. Find out more in our full list of LoL Snowdown skins in the post below. We have included Winter skins 2020 as well.

All LoL Winter Theme or Snowdown Skins

Winter holidays in League of Legends start together with Snowdown skins. Every year Riot Games add new Snowdown skins and unlock all winter skins from the previous years for the limited period of time. This is the only time when you can buy them from LoL in-game shop.

Below you will see all Snowdown skins grouped by years starting from 2009 when the first LoL winter skins have been released.

2009 Skins

Reminding you that all the skins presented in this post are available for purchase for a limited period of time and will be gone by the end of December until next year.

Name Cost
Snow Bunny Nidalee520
Workshop Nunu520
Happy Elf Teemo520
Earnest Elf Tristana520
Old Saint Zilean520

2010 Skins

Name Cost
Re-Gifted Amumu520
Silent Night Sona520
Santa Gragas975
Reindeer Kog’Maw975
Candy Cane Miss Fortune975
Ragdoll Poppy975

You can click on the images to see them in full size.

2011 Skins

Name Cost
Toy Soldier Gangplank975
Mistletoe LeBlanc975
Festive Maokai975

2012 Skins

Name Cost
Dark Candy Fiddlesticks975
Slay Belle Katarina975
Bad Santa Veigar975
Snow Day Ziggs975

2013 Skins

Name Cost
Snow Day Singed975
Snowstorm Sivir975
Winter Wonder Lulu1350

2014 Skins

Name Cost
Snow Day Malzahar975
Winter Wonder Orianna975
Poro Rider Sejuani975

2015 Skins

Name Cost
Snow Day Bard1350
Snow Day Gnar975
Snow Day Syndra1350
Snow Day Bard, Syndra, Gnar

2016 Skins

Name Cost
Santa Braum1350
Snow Day Graves1350
Winter Wonder Karma1350

2017 Skins

Name Cost
Santa Draven1350
Ambitious Elf Jinx1350
Snow Fawn Poppy1350

2018 Skins

Name Cost
Winter Wonder Neeko1350
Frozen Prince Mundo1350
Snow Man Yi1350
Winter Wonder Soraka1350
Ice King Twitch1350

2019 Skins

Name Cost
Sugar Rush Braum1350
Sugar Rush Evelynn1350
Sugar Rush Ziggs1350
Sugar Rush Zilean1350

All these skins are now available for purchase in League of Legends. But Hurry up as they will be closed soon.

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