League of Legends Star Guardian Missions List and More

The new event hit League of Legends in all its beauty. With new Cosmic skins and Prestige Star Guardian Soraka, you will experience all the new ways of protecting the universe. Read on to see all list of Star Guardian Missions and prepare yourselves for glory.

Season 1: Shine BrightWin 3 games as Lux or Jinx (SR or ARAM)Score 75 takedownsPlay 10 games250 BE
Season 2: The Old GuardWin 3 games as Ahri or Soraka (SR or ARAM)As a team, kill 12 dragonsPlay 10 gamesMystery Emote
Season 3: The Twilight StarWin 3 games as Xayah, Rakan, or Neeko (SR or ARAM)As a team, take the first structure 4 timesPlay 10 games250 Blue Essence + Hextech Key
Hoping the Future is BrighterWin a game using a Star Guardian skin (SR or ARAM)As a team, kill 2 BaronsPlay 7 gamesHextech Chest

Star Guardian event has started 24th November and will end December 16th, 2020 at 1:00 PM (PT). Be sure to make all Star Guardian Missions to get great rewards!

Note that some missions require champions that have Star Guardian Skins. Such as Lux, Jinx, Ahri, Soraka, Xayah, Rakan, or Neeko. Also, you will need to obtain at least one Star Guardian skin to complete all the missions.

Star Guardian Event Rewards

In addition to Star Guardian Mission in League of Legends latest event you will see other rewards. For example, icons.

Star Guardian Soraka Prestige Edition Icon – Acquired with purchase of the Star Guardian Prestige Skin in the 2020 Prestige Point Shop.

The following Icons can be acquired through the Essence Emporium, activating November 30th 1:00 PM (PT) until December 14th, 2020 1:00 PM (PT). You’ll need to roll for them based on the regional box they belong to.

  • Lucian Champie Icon (Runeterra Box)
  • Senna Champie Icon (Runeterra Box)
  • Zilean Champie icon (Runeterra Box)
  • Viktor Champie Icon (Piltover / Zaun Box)
  • Blitzcrank Champie Icon (Piltover / Zaun Box)

To celebrate DAMWON GAMING’s victory at Worlds 2020, the Worlds 2020 DAMWON Gaming Champion’s Icon will activate via a special mission starting December 4th, 11:00 AM (PT). Please note that this icon can’t be purchased nor droppable via normal loot.

And of course, you will see a new emote to celebrate the victory of DAMWON gaming. But it can be activate ONLY during the upcoming event. Worlds 2020 Champion DAMWON Gaming emote will activate via a special mission starting December 4th, 11:00 AM (PT). You won’t be able to buy it or receive as a drop.

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