League of Legends: The Ultimate Skin List 2020

As League of Legends grows, so does the list of skins we can buy. We just love the epic details carefully placed into the champion which transforms them into a whole new look. From scary-looking costumes to badass cowboys with flames, Riot Games have produced a wide variety that any League enthusiast should love to have. It’s amazing to flash that swag of new skins into the Summoner’s Rift as your friends and enemies envy the rocking suits you have.

Ultimate skins are one the most awaited every year. Riot Games has been constantly innovating since 2010 on how they can produce skins that feel different every time you log in to the game. The details of each champion are being thought methodically to construct a special look that players would love to glaze upon. It takes hard work and effort to make these kinds of skin look marvellous. So if you are a player who wants to look great while winning your way to the top, then I suggest you’d watch out for these skins.

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With no order of any sort, here are some League of Legends ultimate skins that will surely fire some ‘A’ bombs as soon as you start the match.

New! K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine

This newly added champion has got a lot of interesting stuff to offer including ultimate skin! K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine comes along with three different forms. You will receive the only one when you buy it. So you need to do Seraphine Missions to open the other two forms. You will see her on a flying platform with glory and shine.

1) Spirit Guard Udyr

With the power of 4 spirits combined into one man, Udyr can high-speed chase any opponent with his stances. Giving him the perfect skills to slash, block, run, and cast fires around his targets. As simple as that may look in the actual game, he can be a pretty difficult enemy to face in the rift. He looks too simple whenever he transforms into his stance but that when this ultimate skin came. Spirit Guard Udyrs brings in 4 different forms with cool-looking colors that resonate with the power of each stance. The skin offers a yellowish tiger stance that focuses on the details of the claws in each slash you do. A greenish mohawk Udyr that blocks and heals in each hit. A blueish fierce-looking man that will stun your movements and a reddish guardian ready to blast some flames into your face. If you are a jungler, then this skin shouldn’t be on your “not to buy” list. And I almost forgot…the sound effects are pretty sick!

2) Elementalist Lux

With over 13 skins to choose from, this lady of luminosity is ready to strike a beam of light for his allies. Her power to bind and damage enemies by twisting the light is surely a fun way to defeat foes. She may look adorable outside, but she can be scary when you are facing her. And not to mention having these spectacular skin. If you are looking for a different look but still strike ‘awesomeness’ in her poise that delivers much of her value then you should be picking the Elementalist Lux. With a whopping 10 skins inside this package, you can mix and match colors that suit your character when playing her in the game. Riot Games did a great job of making her unique as possible. Bestowing her with plenty of voice lines, hairstyles, wands, and dresses you can combine on your own that will wow anyone inside the game.

3) Pulsefire Ezreal

Its been 8 years since League of Legends released this skin. The prodigal explorer has been mapping out the competition trying to beat every skin on the table. He has been at the top for far too long but that doesn’t mean he is out of the equation. His vast experience in exploring the world of the Summoner’s Rift made him one of the most picked ADCs in the game. He’s gameplay transformed throughout the years from itemizations to lanes but the constant spamming of skills was one of his assets that will never change. It is only fair to say that releasing the ultimate skin for this champ should be one of a kind. And it is. As soon as the game progress and Ezreal levels up, he adds more armor until he looks like a buffed Star-Lord. Modifying his suit and turning him into a flying power ranger! (With no a cool hairstyle) Now if you love transformation throughout the game then you should buy this skin.

4) Gun Goddess Miss Fortune

Riot Games has been known for creating women champions that have a lot of front meat to offer. And Miss Fortune was one of the fortunate to have blessed with it. Her typically strutting on the map makes you wonder if she packs a punch. But as soon as she lifts her pistols, you’ll be crying at your base waiting for the death respawn to finish. It was released last March of 2019 and producing this skin made everything from her look ginormous! Her guns became bigger that shoots lasers and her body is covered with an exoskeleton making her look like Jean Grey from X-men. Overall the skin is pretty decent but her 4 variations still have the same features. So hopefully Riot Games edits her and gives her more features to play around with.

5) DJ Sona

When you are in need of tunes while playing the game, don’t click Spotify and search for your playlist. Why not use DJ Sona to rock your games ASAP! She is one of the fan favorites in League of Legends and will be for a very long time. She has different modes to offer, in-game background music that even your allies can dance with, animations in every variation, and a dream skin to bewilder your audience. She beats enemies with the power of sound casting power chords in every teamfight. If you want to play as a support and win your game in a unique way, then you can choose to buy her and start jamming on the Summoner’s Rift. You’ll be popping your head to the beat while knocking out some bad boys!

League of Legends Skins

League of Legends will always try to innovate and create amazing ideas that the community loves to request. And Riot Games is ready to listen to suggestions and build such ultimate skins for you. So always be ready for yearly skins that will stun the world making the matches more different and wild with its styles to offer.

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