League of Legends World Championship – Day 1

Today was a awesome start of the main event in League of Legends annual traditional competitions. Let’s run into the results and main statistics after the World Championship – Day 1 in League of Legends.

World Championship - Day 1

So LoL World Championship started 2nd of October 2019. Play-in stage consist of four groups, which represent their regions. Today we had a chance to see in World Championship – Day 1 Group A and Group B playing their best of 1 games to get desirable points and get into the play-off stage. So if you want to see standings and groups points after the first day you can follow the link.

What teams played in World Championship – Day 1

So on the 2nd October 2019 played:

  • Clutch Gaming – North America
  • Unicorns Of Love – CIS
  • DetonatioN FocusMe – Japan
  • Splyce – Europe
  • MAMMOTH – Oceania
  • Isurus Gaming – Latin America

As we already said these teams are from two groups A and B. If you happened to miss the life translation of these matches you can see VODS below.

Play-in Stage – Day 1 Picks and Bans

Moreover we have some interesting visualization of the most playable champions. As well as those that are the most likely to ban.

Play-in Stage - Day 1 Picks and Bans

So as you can see we have four champions that appeared in every match today: Xayah, Pantheon, Rakan and Qiyana. But only two of them actually played: Xayah and Rakan as Pantheon and Qiyana appeared only in bans. We think that is because of the great power they have for the team that manages to pick them. Who knows, may be tomorrow we will see them playing. Anyway, we’d like to pay your attention to Syndra: Presence 83.3% means that she wasn’t mentioned all the time, but still when she did, she had a 100% win. So we may see her tomorrow more often. AS for the other champions their participation is pretty obvious so you can make judgments yourselves.

Teams that played LoL World Champion - Day 1

Play-in Stage – Day 1 Results

We really don’t want to spoil here anything for those who didn’t see the matches and wants to do that. So, we hide the following text. But for those who needs to know the results asap just double-click on the hidden text:

Game 1:
Clutch Gaming VS. Unicorns Of Love (Winner)
Game 2:
DetonatioN FocusMe VS. Splyce (Winner)
Game 3:
MAMMOTH (Winner) VS. Unicorns Of Love
Game 4:
DetonatioN FocusMe VS. Isurus Gaming (Winner)
Game 5:
MAMMOTH (Winner) VS. Clutch Gaming (Winner)
Game 6:
Splyce (Winner) VS. Isurus Gaming

All the current standings you can see on the official LoL Esports website.

Let’s meet tomorrow for the second Play-in Stage – Day 2

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