League of Legends World Championship – Day 2

So it is time for the results of League of Legends World Championship – Day 2. Let’s hope into the atmosphere of the second worlds 2019 day. Don’t worry if you missed the first one. Because, you can check out the results of the Play-in Stage from 2nd October in our previous post.

So the 3rd October 2019 was a day when Groups C & D participated in the League of Legends Worlds 2019 championship. You can see the schedule above. But we will write further which region this teams represent on the stage.

World Championship – Day 2 – Teams

So on the 3rd October 2019 played:

  • Royal Youth – Turkey
  • DAMWON Gaming – Korea
  • MEGA Esports – Southeast Asia
  • Hong Kong Attitude – Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao
  • Flamengo eSports – Brazil
  • Lowkey Esports – Vietnam

Seems like, it was an intense and interesting day with many unexpected moments. If you missed life stream of World Championship – Day 2 you can watch its full record on YouTube. Finally, catch the video below:

Today’s games showed us how unpredictable picks can be sometimes. For example, we can mention here Syndra on bot, who had a massive play and a winning chance for the team. Besides, the other thing is and unstoppable Pantheon on mid, who mad the game work for him. Also, there were some disappointments, when a winning champion like Kai’Sa had a very poor performance for some teams and, in contrast, absolutely opposite for other’s.

Play-in Group Stage – Day 2 Results

First of all, don’t forget that this section of our post contains spoilers for those who din’t watch matches today. So, please, be careful!

Moreover, as usual we will hide the results in dark background. Nevertheless, still you can see it with a double click on context.

Game 1:
Royal Youth VS. DAMWON Gaming (Winner)
Game 2:
MEGA Esports VS. Hong Kong Attitude (Winner)
Game 3:
DAMWON Gaming (Winner) VS. Flamengo eSports
Game 4:
MEGA Esports (Winner) VS. Lowkey Esports
Game 5:
Royal Youth VS. Flamengo eSports (Winner)
Game 6:
Hong Kong Attitude VS. Lowkey Esports (Winner)

Be careful these are spoilers. See all the standings for Play-in group Stage here.

Therefore, you can see that Worlds 2019 in League of Legends become even more intense! So don’t miss The World Championship – Day 3 tomorrow 4th October 2019.

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