League of Legends World Championship – Day 3

So today on World Championship – Day 3 in League of Legends as a result we know names of the teams that finish their path on LoL Worlds 2019 just right there. The teams started with the following standings:

League of Legends Standings Play-in group Day 3

What you see in the picture is standings after World Championship – Day 2. In that time all twelve teams played there first games in their groups. Today teams from first two groups A and B played again to see what teams won’t go further in the League of Legends Championship. As a result one team per each group leaves the contest after the third day. Tomorrow on the fourth day of Worlds 2019 two other groups C and D will participate in Play-in Stage. Moreover, again we will see which two teams from their groups will leave the contest on this stage.

World Championship – Day 3 Teams played

Further more we will discuss the results of the matches and mention several interesting moments from the third day of competition.

World Championship - Day 3 Teams played

Above you can see the list of teams and matches that took place on 4th October 2019 on League of Legends Worlds 2019. But if by any cause you cannot see the picture we will write the names of the teams that played today below.

So on the 4th October 2019 played:

  • Clutch Gaming – North America
  • Unicorns Of Love – CIS
  • DetonatioN FocusMe – Japan
  • Splyce – Europe
  • MAMMOTH – Oceania
  • Isurus Gaming – Latin America

All the teams made there best make their region proud of them. But only some of them managed to get through this hard day victorious. To see everything with your own eyes you can on YouTube or here.

The day was full of new champion combinations and emotions. We still remembering with a worm heart Huni’s short interview after one of the games and how glad he was to get on track in League of Legends pro league, moreover, in World Championship.

Play-in Group Stage – Day 3 Results

As usual we pay your attention that this block is full of spoilers! Certainly some of them we manage to hide. Just double-click on the dark spaces to see the results.

Game 1:
Unicorns Of Love (Winner) VS. Clutch Gaming
Game 2:
Splyce VS. DetonatioN FocusMe (Winner)
Game 3:
Unicorns Of Love VS. MAMMOTH (Winner)
Game 4:
Isurus Gaming (Winner) VS. DetonatioN FocusMe
Game 5:
Clutch Gaming (Winner) VS. MAMMOTH
Game 6:
Isurus Gaming VS. Splyce (Winner)

Besides, there were two additional games to determine who will leave the competition in World Championship – Day 3. Their results are:

Game 7:
MAMMOTH VS. Unicorns Of Love (Winner)
Game 8:
Clutch Gaming (Winner) VS. Unicorns Of Love

According to the results of the third day MAMMOTH and Unicorns of Love sadly won’t participate the Worlds 2019 further more. To see all the standings you can visit official LoL esports website.

We are waiting you all tomorrow to discuss World Championship – Day 4!

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