League of Legends World Championship – Day 4

Hey there everyone who is following League of Legends Worlds 2019. Here we prepared fresh results for World Championship – Day 4. Today we will see not only results of the fourth day, but also the end of Play-in Stage so after reading this post you’ll know who is up to play in Knockouts.

League of Legends World Championship – Day 4 schedule

What you see up above is a schedule and the teams that played. Above all, as you can see Group C and Group D played today. In addition, as for the groups A and B they played yesterday and we wrote a separate post about it as well. You can check the results of League of Legends World Championship – Day 3 in that post.

World Championship – Day 4 Teams played

You can see the list of teams that payed today above. But we will double them below if you face any difficulties with images.

So on the 5th October 2019 played:

Royal Youth – Turkey
DAMWON Gaming – Korea
MEGA Esports – Southeast Asia
Hong Kong Attitude – Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao
Flamengo eSports – Brazil
Lowkey Esports – Vietnam

The games were great! We watched with pleasure. Especially it was interesting to watch Korean team DAMWON Gaming, this guys rock! If you missed the life broadcast you can watch the full record here.

Moreover, we would like to say that Unicorns of love from the previous day managed to get into the next stage. So we are sorry for making judgments too fast.

Play-in Group Stage – Day 4 Results

We again announce a spoiler alert! Besides, be careful as the picture in the end of this post shows all the team qualified to Play-in Knockouts Stage. Just double-click on the dark spaces to see the results.

Game 1:
Royal Youth VS. DAMWON Gaming (Winner)
Game 2:
MEGA Esports VS. Hong Kong Attitude (Winner)
Game 3:
DAMWON Gaming (Winner) VS. Flamengo eSports
Game 4:
MEGA Esports VS. Lowkey Esports (Winner)
Game 5:
Royal Youth (Winner) VS. Flamengo eSports
Game 6:
Hong Kong Attitude (Winner) VS. Lowkey Esports
Game 7:
Royal Youth (Winner) VS. Flamengo eSports

So here you can see the teams that qualified for Play in Knockout Stage. And if you want to see all the standings for League of Legends World Championship, visit Lol Esports website.

Finally, you see how interesting will be Day 5 of the World Championship, don’t miss it on the 7th October 2019.

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