Worlds Group Stage Day 5 Knockout Phase

Greetings on the results of League of Legends World Championship Group Stage Day 5 Knockout Phase. Today was an important day for Group B teams as two teams of their group would leave Worlds 2019 today. What team made it through and what matches made today unbelievably interesting we will talk further.

As you can see on Day 5 Knockout phase each team from group B played three games to determine their place in the League of Legends World Championship. Reminding you that last time on Day 4 of Worlds 2019 ended the first round up of groups stage.

Day 5 Knockout Phase – Teams played

So today on 17th October 2019 we have seen six matches between the teams that all contain in one group – Group B. Those teams therefore are:

Group B:
J Team (Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao)
FunPlus Phoenix (China)
GAM Esports (Vietnam)
Splice (Europe)

The schedule for today was the following. First of all, GAM Esports played against FunPlus Phoenix. Further, J Team played against Splice. After that we saw GAM Esports versus J Team. The fourth game was between Splice and FunPlus Phoenix. Then Splice played against GAM Esports. And the last game was between FunPlus Phoenix and J Team. Be careful spoiler alert ahead! Besides, there were one more matche for the first place in their group: Splice against FunPlus Phoenix. Do you have any predictions about this matches? Think of it and watch the games, let’s discuss later. 😉

So how did you like it? Did you really expect THAT coming? As a Europe located authors we are impressed and pleased to see Splice coming to the next stage! That was an incredible and surely unexpected victory for us!

If you have seen the matches already, you that our predictions were great today. Further we will write you the Results for Group B!

Worlds 2019 Day 5 – Results [SPOILERS]

So meet the results of LoL Worlds 2019 Group Stage Day 5 Knockout Phase below.

Game 1:
GAM Esports VS. FunPlus Phoenix (Winner)
Game 2:
J Team VS. Splice (Winner)
Game 3:
GAM Esports VS. J Team (Winner)
Game 4:
Splice (Winner) VS. FunPlus Phoenix
Game 5:
Splice (Winner) VS. GAM Esports
Game 6:
FunPlus Phoenix (Winner) VS. J Team
Game 7:
FunPlus Phoenix (Winner) VS. Splice

In other worlds, we were write 5 times out of 6.
We rock as we were right as many times as before!

So as a result we will see Splice and FunPlus Phoenix further in the Worlds Championship 2019. And two other teams GAM Esports and J Team will stay in the history of Group Stage Day 5 forever.

To check the Standings visit LoL Esports here. Let’s meet tomorrow for the results of Day 6 Group Stage Knockout Phase for Group A.

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