Legend of Keepers Career of a Dungeon Master Review

Legend of Keepers Review

Meet our new review about an upcoming game Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Master. As it is stated in the announcement Prologue Demo releases on October 10th! So follow the news on Steam to try out the demo of Legend of Keepers. We had a chance to play a demo of this game in advance. So we hope you enjoy.

Legend Of Keepers review

In the demo, you will be able to play one class but actually there are three of them. Therefore Mog: the Slaveholder Centaur, Sarel: The Dryad Enchantress, and Lira: The Monkey Engineer. Each class has its strong and week sides. For example, Mog is good with killing monsters, Sarel is good at wielding spells, and Lira is good at building traps. As you can see Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Master has a good variety in gameplay. Further, we will discuss our rating more detailed.

Legend of Keepers Gameplay

The game has a very good and interesting combination of rogue-like games and managing your dungeon style. You will play as a dungeon manager who is in charge of upgrading rooms. For example, choose a great trap or a pack of monsters to stop the explorers. Moreover, you will have to report to Dungeons Company and keep their gold safe.

Legend Of Keepers monster trainer

Besides, you don’t need to kill heroes that are enough to scare them out. Also, you are in charge of keeping your staff in a good fit. We mean that you will need to level up the monsters in your dungeon. And send them to different missions between raids as well as heal them when needed.

Legend Of Keepers monsters

Also, you will have an opportunity to upgrade your traps and collect different artifacts, which grant you good bonuses.

The gameplay is divided into two phases active and passive. The first one is a raiding phase when you will protect your treasures. And during the second one, you can perform different actions such as visiting vendors, upgrading your traps or training monsters. Besides, during the passive phase, you’ll see different events, which will bring you gold and other useful stuff.

Legend Of Keepers Seminar

Random of all these events and raids make s the game unique every time you play it.


Even though it is a 2D pixel graphics the game looks great! Everything is very detailed and stylish. By the way, this unique style makes the game very atmospheric. It seems like you feel all danger of the dungeon with your skin.

Career of a Dungeon Master monsters placement

Legend of Keepers Sound

To tell you the truth, it is hard to rate this aspect of the game. Sounds and music are on the decent level no more no less.


To play Legend of Keepers you will need only a mouse. Everything can be done with one single click.

Career of a Dungeon Master gameplay


Actually, the story you write yourself. As your actions and success are the keystone to all the storyline. And with every new game, you write all over again.

Legend Of Keepers Schedule

Don’t forget to try the demo on the 10th of October on Steam! And check out our other games’ reviews.

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