Little Witch Nobeta Review

When I was recently looking for a game similar to the Dark Souls series, I came across Little Witch Nobeta. And despite its cuteness and anime style, which can give the false impression about the complexity of the game, it has huge potential!

Kitty in the castle

Go to an old and abandoned castle in search of a solution to the mystery, what could be better? But the main role will not be an experienced and battle-hardened warrior, but a little girl-sorceress named Nobeta. With the help of her magic, she can fight back monsters and powerful crafted souls! With 4 elements in your magical arsenal (Arcane, Ice, Fire, and Thunder), you can defeat enemies, solve various puzzles and explore the secret corners of the castle.

Little Witch Nobeta Dialogues

Monsters – crafted souls will interfere with us calmly walking through the levels. And despite the small number of enemy types, they are still quite dangerous and use the environment to gain an advantage over the player. So be prepared for unexpected ambushes and attacks from different directions.

Little Witch Nobeta Combat

The castle is really huge! The levels are thought out and filled with dangerous enemies and any carelessness can lead to death. By the way, the game has 2 difficulty modes – Standard and Advanced game modes. The first one is designed for beginners, where health and mana regenerate very quickly, while the second is suitable for those who want not only to enjoy sinister corridors and cunning labyrinths, but also difficult opponents. After all, to restore mana, you will have to combine melee combat and spellcasting, and stones that restore health have a negative effect – the curse.

Little Witch Nobeta Gameplay

The bosses are worth mentioning separately. Each one has unique mechanics and even uses the environment to defeat the player. In addition, the game has a lot of cutscenes that appear before and after the boss battle, as well as on the passage of the storyline. Although the game is linear, it still allows the player to explore the area in search of valuable items and magic books and even caches behind fake walls.

Little Witch Nobeta Boss

Unfortunately, the game is still in development, so there is not a lot of content – it will take several hours to complete the game on normal difficulty. If you are interested in this game, there is a free demo on Steam from developer Pupuya Games.

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    • Gameplay
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      • Various spells with unique mechanics
      • Great level and boss design
      • Too short! (Early Access)
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