Lunar 2018 Limited-Time Event

We are happy to announce that annual event in League of Legends is live now. This year we meet a dog year with Lunar 2018 event that brings with it a lot of new interesting stuff. Some of the most awesome things are three brand new thematic skins on Lux, Warwick, and Nasus. But the best part is that you can get lots of different gifts by participating in the new event. To get more details read further.Lunar 2018 Revel

Lunar 2018 Details

As you may have noticed the Lunar event in League of Legends started on 8 February and will last till the 19 February. Previous days Riot had some technical issues regarded the implementation of new features to the game connected with  Lunar 2018 but since today everything works just fine, so you can start your journey.

This year you will meet three new skills as mentioned above, also you’ll get awesome rewards for completing missions, moreover, you can craft special golden chromas for many champions together with getting other great new features. To know about every single detail related to Lunar Event in LoL you can read an official article.

Our recommendations

As you enter League of Legends you will see the brand new screen designed specially for this event. Our main recommendation is to look through all the options to reveal the best offers. There you will see also the specific details, like the possible purchases dates. That means that you can buy Lunar skins only before 19 February, so to get this pretty Lux you should hurry up. Lunar 2018 Lux Skin

But the most incredible part is that you can get bundles. They are related to a Lunar champion of this season: Lux, Nasus, and Warwick. The bundles contain Lunar 2018 skin, an icon of the champion you’ve selected and a download screen frame. It looks like a great deal, doesn’t it?

Lunar 2018 Bundles

Also, pay attention that bundles prices include champions, so if you already have one, the price will be cheaper.

Ad if you want to know more about the lore of this event or see the skins in action, watch an official video from League of Legends YouTube channel below.

And don’t forget to leave your opinion about the Event in comments. Let’s discuss.

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