Lunar New Year 2020 Sale on Steam

One of the most awaited events is now open! Lunar New Year 2020 Sale on Steam started today 24th January 2020 and will last till 27th January 2020. During this period you need to collect as make tokens as you can to trade them for cosmetics or even games! Keep in mind that all tokens you collect will be live till 1st February 2020!

Lunar New Year 2020 Sale Details

For the following few days, we have a chance to participate in the new sale event on Steam. This time the theme is Lunar New Year. As the year of the Rat is approaching it is a main hero of the current Steam Sale.

Log in to Steam and visit sale page to get your first rewards and even read a piece of the story related to the Chinese legends. When you open the first red envelope you will see the following.

As you can see you receive 100 tokens that you can spend in Lunar Market on Steam. We will talk about the lots there a bit further. As for the envelopes. There you will also see one of the four parts of the legends about the Chinese Zodiac. This information is pretty interesting, don’t miss it.

How to get Lunar tokens on Steam

The first way to get Lunar tokens is to open red envelopes for gift tokens. The other way is to shop on Steam. Moreover, you can buy any game and get tokens is equivalent to the sum you spend on a game.

1$ you spend on games on Steam = 100 Lunar tokens you receive for purchasing.

Also, you can get tokens if you fund your Steam wallet during the sale. Note, if you funded your Steam Wallet during the week prior to the sale (1/16/2020 10am PST – 1/23/2020 10am PST), you’ll be credited Lunar New Year Tokens for those transactions as well.

Spend Tokens in the Lunar New Year Market

As any previous Steam Sale event that took place before there is a market to spend your tokens. You can get festive with new cosmetic stuff for your profile or chats, and even get a coupon with a discount for your next purchase!

Lunar Market on Steam prices

Here we will tell you the prices for the general understanding. So the first thing you can buy is stickers for a chat. The Rat pack of animated stickers contains 15 uniques stickers. Each of them costs 500 tokens.

Also, you will see stuff that won’t be available all the time. It means you buy it for tokens but can use it only until the 27th of March 2020.

One of such items is chat room effects. Those are animated as well. There are three effects 1000 tokens per each.

Lunar New Year 202 on Steam Chat Room Effects

The other temporary cosmetic is a Lunar Year Profile that costs 5000 tokens.

But the most fascinating part is backgrounds. There are three types of backgrounds: animated, mini and standard. All of them are really cool, especially animated ones! All of them cost 700 tokens, except profile backgrounds, those cost 500 tokens per each.

In addition, you can buy emoticons fro 100 tokens per each. And if you are one of those who wants to level up their profile as high as possible, then you can redeem your 1000 tokens for a badge and get 250 profile XP.

Lunar New Year 2020 Sale

If you were waiting for the best time to buy a game you love, it has come. Lunar Sale on Steam offers high discounts for the best games. For example, now you can buy Witcher 3 with a 70% discount! Moreover, such great labels as Ero track simulator 2 or Dragon Ball FighterZ have 75% discount!

And this is not all! Get your wallets ready, buy games, get tokens and redeem them for great cosmetics on theLunar Steam Event!

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