Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale Review

Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale is the sequel to the excellent Meteorfall: Journeys card game available on iOS and Android. In the new part, we will have an excellent hybrid of puzzle and deck-building card games. Get ready for a dangerous adventure and remember – one mistake and certain death awaits you!

Meteorfall Krumit's Tale Characters

Epic dungeons and lots of loot!

A dungeon looks like a 3×3 box. The task is simple – to get rid of the monsters in any possible way – be it spells or sharp weapons, even hands (sometimes bony) will be used. In addition to monsters, there is a huge number of useful things on the field – equipment, potions and various skills. Everything we don’t need can be discarded to get health and gold, which can be immediately spent on the necessary items.

Meteorfall Krumit's Tale Map

Everything that remains after the level is cleared gets converted into gems, for which you can buy additional cards (or tiles, as they are called in the game). Each completed level will bring not only pleasure from the process but also an additional card in the deck and a new perk (all this can be selected from the available options). After all, each level is more difficult than the previous one, and the monsters are becoming more dangerous and skilful! Do not forget to think carefully when making decisions, because if you die in a dungeon, you have to start all over again – the game is roguelite.

Meteorfall Krumit's Tale Battle


There are 5 unique heroes available in the game – Bruno, Greybeard, Mischief, Rose and Muldorf. Each has its own characteristics and advantages. In addition, each of them owns a unique playstyle, with its own set of perks and cards. Some will have to be unlocked by gaining levels with other heroes. For each new level, new cards and perks will be added to the hero’s card pool. Dungeons are generated randomly every time, so you definitely won’t be bored! In addition, the game is very dynamic, on average it takes 40-60 minutes to run.

Meteorfall Krumit's Tale Bosses

Krumit’s Tale is a great card game with simple mechanics and humour. She stands out for her unique style and atmosphere. By the way, until July 29, the game is available with a discount on Steam so don’t miss your opportunity!

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      • Great variety of classes and cards
      • Replayability
      • RNG is very punishing
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