Monster Sanctuary unleashes the Underworld Update

Moi Rai Games’ Early Access RPG goes subterranean with a brand new area to explore.

Monday, 18th May 2020 – Team17 and Moi Rai Games have today released the Underworld update for role-playing game Monster Sanctuary­, currently in Steam Early Access. In addition to expanding the game world and giving players the chance to explore its depths, the Underworld update also brings with it seven new monsters, two of which are new evolutions for existing creatures.

Before you enter the Underworld, get ready with the new trailer:

Underworld update features:

  • Dive into the Underworld: Head down into the forbidden area of Monster Sanctuary, with entirely new areas to explore beneath the Blue Caves
  • New monsters: The monster roster is expanded with several powerful and deadly additions including Promethean and Moccus, together with a new evolution for early game monster, Rocky, called Megarock
  • Items & Skills: Players can utilise new skills like Counterfeit, Static, and Critical Poison, alongside items like the Totem, Scythe, and Clear Stone. The level cap has also been increased to 36
  • Explore with the Grapple: An all-new method of traversing the Metroidvania world, the grappling ability, opens up new opportunities for players

Monster Sanctuary features a broad roster of monsters to collect and pitch in three vs. three, turn-based combat, as well as an expanding Metroidvania-style world, as players attempt to uncover the mystery surrounding the relationship between humanity and monsters.
Denis Sinner, Managing Director, Moi Rai Games, said:
“We’ve been hard at work iterating upon Monster Sanctuary throughout Early Access, and the Underworld update is another step in the journey to its full release. Unlocking the Underworld is a key milestone in expanding the world players can explore, and we’re excited to see how the new monsters will affect their teams during combat.”
Grant Towell, Producer, Team17, said:
Monster Sanctuary continues to bring a raft of new and exciting content with every update; Underworld, its new monsters, higher level cap, and the expanded exploration capability of the grappling ability come just months after the introduction of endgame player vs. player combat, not to mention areas such as Horizon Beach and the Magma Chamber. We – alongside the community – can’t wait to see where Moi Rai Games takes us to on the next part of the Monster Sanctuary journey.”
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