My Time at Portia: Fishing Day

My Time at Portia has added a lot of new content through the last month. Today we are going to tell you about one of the four events that are now available to play, which is Called Fishing Day. It occurs in spring on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th. The main purpose of Fishing Day is to catch more fish than your opponents in the completion. As we already mentioned it is one of the four seasonal events added to the game. About the other three new events, we will write in future posts. To learn more about the game itself, please read our “My Time at Portia review“. Besides, you can check out our Portia fishing guide to improve your fishing skills!

Fishing Day Start

Fishing Day spring event

Fishing Day is the first event you will meet in the game when you start from the very beginning. That is why you should be prepared for it. Beforehand you’ll get a letter from the city informing you about the days the event will take place. All new seasonal events take place on the second or third week of each month. So Fishing Day will start at 8.00 am on Friday 12th in Spring.

Fishing Day Calendar

To participate in this completion you should prepare yourself properly. First of all make sure that you have a fishing rode with you and enough caterpillars. Collect at least 100 caterpillars and that should be enough for two days’ competition. If you don’t have time or desire to find them yourself then you can buy some at Sophie’s Ranch. As for the fishing rode it will be more comfortable if you craft  a level 2 fishing rode. It makes easier and faster the process of fishing. But we guess it can be hard enough to craft before the very first Fishing Day as you won’t have the excess to all of the needed materials. So keep in mind to craft one before the second  year of playing.

How to participate

When the day comes, you see a sign of hook in the map that meas that Fishing Day is going to take place there. To be more concrete you’ll need to run to the east from your home next to the Ember Bridge.

Fishing Day place

There you will see a lot of people and some fishing chairs. Come to the one of them to sign for participation. After you confirm your desire to compete go to the nearest fishing spot and start fishing.

You’ll have a 5 minutes of real time to do your best. Meanwhile game time will be on pause as in dungeons. Also it will cost you 200 gols to take part. For each fish you catch you get points. If it is an easy-to-catch fish like Catfish, you’ll get 1-3 points. And vice verse, if you catch Salmon Goldfish, you’ll get 10-13 points. Fish type will occur randomly, so if you are lucky, you’ll win easily.

One little note: no matter what your avatar image in the game is always the same (changes only for different sex), you can see it on the 2nd place. 

Results ans gifts

In one day of you’ll have enough time to participate in Fishing Day competition twice. So there is a chance to get a lot of prizes. The hire position you finish the more prizes you get. After the round you’ll see how many fish you caught and the total points you achieved. Of course, all the fish is yours after the event.

Fishing Day results

After the results you’ll see the ranking window. There you’ll know your place and prizes that you get.

Fishing Day Ranking and prizes

I cannot say all of them are extremely valuable, but Fisherman’s Badge is a pretty good thing. Different Badges you’ll get through all of the seasonal events. Those you can exchange for gifts. The special shop with the gifts occurs where and when the event takes place.

As you can see the gifts are pretty cool and worth trying. Though you can skip this event with out any restrictions. Keep in mind to take all of the Badges you get with you as they don’t count from your storage boxes.

We think it is a pretty cool event as far as the other ones in the game. Don’t miss over new reviews about awesome My Time at Portia and don’t forget to leave your comments.

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