My Time at Portia: Martial Arts Tournament

As we already mentioned in our previous post My Time at Portia: Fishing Day , Portia has new seasonal events. This post is about the second one that takes place in Summer – Martial Arts Tournament. To be more concrete it is Friday 12th and Saturday 13th in Summer when you can participate in the tournament.

Martial Arts Tournament Calendar-min

As Martial Arts Tournament involves timetable, the registration table will appear beforehand.  You will also see the place where the tournament will start on the map. It is marked as a fist.

Martial Arts Tournament Map-min

Don’t forget to find a big drum with a list of participants to sign in to participate in Martial Arts Tournament. Also this drum can be used to predict winners of the match in the days of the tournament.

Martial Arts Tournament Registration-min

If you guess the winner you get a prize. Moreover, if you guess the total winner of the tournament you get better prize. And the best prize is for winning, of course.  All the prizes you get by the mail, so no need to wait till the end of the event next to the stage.

Martial Arts Tournament in action

When the day comes, don’t forget to come to the exit of the Portia next to the Central Plaza. Then check the timetable to know when is your turn and wait. It is also important to make your predictions if you want to get prizes.

After that you can leave the place and come before you fight or watch other players fighting.

Martial Arts Tournament Copetition in progress-min

Usually, on the first day of the My Time at Portia Martial Arts Tournament you participate at 12.30. The chat will inform you about it so you won’t miss it. Enter the arena and wait for your opponent. Actually it is pretty easy to win as this fight is the same as spar fight with any other citizen.

Martial Arts Tournament Your participation-min

There will two rounds in each fight. But in the final, you’ll play three rounds. The best thing that after the event you get Badges that you can exchange in a gift shop. This one will appear and be available on this event only. The list of possible gifts you can see in the slideshow below.

This event is pretty interesting but there is one thing… We hope it is a bug, but still. If you participate in the first day of the Martial Arts Tournament, save and quit the game and after that start it again, you will be dropped from the participation as if you never participated at all. So be careful there and win!

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