My Time At Portia Review

My Time at Portia is a new simulation RPG game created by Pathea studio. Developers want to players to experience the events of the post-apocalyptic but in a kind and healthy atmosphere. The main theme of the game is to rule a workshop in a little but prospective town called Portia. A player starts with a very little and old place and the aim is to develop the workshop to the biggest and the most wealthy one. That you will achieve through quests, craft, relationships with town inhabitants.

My Time at Portia Character Creation

The main uniqueness of the game is that all NPCs have their personal story and live their lives. They go to work, eat, study, have fun or are busy with some other activities just like you. That brings to Portia a great spirit of life. To get the latest news about this game you can follow their main site.

My Time at Portia Gameplay

As we already mentioned you play a role of a newly-arrived workshop owner. You play from the first person and have to gather resources to craft different thing that you will sell or give for a quest. Also, you will need to upgrade your workshop, which is also your home. Besides, gathering and crafting you will also fight with different creatures and live an interesting social life.

While you play you get experience and skill points. The skill point tree has three branches. The first one will help you be more effective in battles. The second one will help you become a proficient gatherer. And the third one will give some strong social skills.

My Time at Portia skill tree

Besides that Portia is an open world town with several dungeons of two types. One of them where you gather minerals, the other one where you fight with dangerous creatures for loot and more experience. Though you may think at first that some of the creatures are too easy and there is no need in putting skill points into the battle branch, we recommend you to reconsider that. As though the main quest line will open new activities and monsters. And in some dungeons, you will meet strong bosses.

My Time at Portia Cave Boss

Also, a great thing is a map. There you will see all active zones and open quests. Some of the quests are limited with time if you want to get them you need to hurry up, so you should check your map every morning not to miss something special.

Besides, you’d rather check your calendar as well to see the upcoming events in Portia.

My Time at Portia Crafting

The crafting system in the game is very interesting and creative. Here you will have simple recipes and hard ones, which require particular crafting materials or knowledge. Interesting thing is that you will get those not only through different gathering zone but also by a researching system.

All craft is divided into two groups: items and crafting benches. The open recipes you collect in a workshop handbook. Also, you’ll find there detailed information about difficult crafts.

My Time at Portia additional activities

Besides main activities, Portia is full of other interesting stuff. There you can build a strong friendship or even romance with other NPC players, which may lead to a commitment such as marriage. Also, you can live as a simple person: sleep, fish, hunt, cook, harvest different types of plants, earn money, go to the restaurant etc. Some of the additional activities are unique, like playing mini-game to receive special rewards.

As you can see My Time at Portia is a very┬ásaturated game with lots of options. Here you can spend a lot of time living a simple but adventurous life of a workshop keeper. And what do you think of the game? Let’s discuss.

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