My Time at Portia upcoming updates – Summer 2020

Recently we’ve heard the news about My Time at Portia we all have been waiting for. My Time at Portia upcoming updates are going to hit really soon. We hope to see them this summer of 2020. So first, of all let’s have a glance at the updates preview video. We kindly embed it below for you.

So as you see there are two updates are coming. We cannot say for sure what all the features will be, but some of them we can surely note.

My Time at Portia upcoming update Lucy

In the first update, there will be some additions regarding Lucy. She is a character from My Time at Portia and she has a hard work of teaching at school. Currently, there are not many quests related to her. We can remember only some conditions and one or two sidequests. But in the first Portia upcoming update, there is going to be a questline that will tell us more about Lucy. We are excited about it as we don’t know much about her for now.

My Time at Portia upcoming update face change function

Also, there is going to be really useful and awesome thing – face change function. The machine that can do that will appear in the Hospital. So you will need to go there use the machine and voila new perfect face.

But that’s not all about My Time at Portia upcoming updates. As there is going to be one more and bigger update in a few months. Pathea team announced that they will add two more characters! We don’t know who they are but we can guess that it has something to do with 10 hours of endgame content that will come in the second update. That would be great to play some new content after you’ve finished the game several times with different heroes, won’t it be? And don’t forget about the sale on Steam that My Time at Portia has 😉

Anyway, that’s all for now and we promise to tell you more when we know something interesting. For now, you can subscribe for our updates below!

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