My Time At Portia Update

Several weeks ago we wrote news about My Time at Portia upcoming updates. If you remember Pathea games posted a video preview about them, where they gave us some hints about what is coming next. Well, good news as the first My Time at Portia update is available now!

My Time At Portia Update – New Quests, Character Customisation & More!

First of all, if you own the game the only thing you need to do to get it is update the game. Easy as pie! The update is free for everyone, who already has the game, of course. On the other hand, if you want to be My Time at Portia, now is the best time because of all these new changes.

My Time At Portia New Quests

Earlier we’ve learnt that a new side questline will be added into the game. The news was related to Lucy Portia school teacher. But as we know now there are a lot of new side quests in the game! So the list of them is below.

  • Lucy side quests
  • Remington side quests
  • Django side quests
  • Merlin side quests

We all are familiar with these great characters, but there wasn’t much communication or with them. Also, we didn’t know much of their lore. So now we have such a chance!

Also, Uplifting Gift missions added into the game. After completing this Portia new quests, you’ll open an ability to change your character’s appearance. Reminding you that a new object will be added into the Hospital that will change your appearance.

My Time At Portia updates

Other updates in Portia are related to new NPC relationship impact and new localization. Now My time at Portia is available in the Vietnamese language!

Moreover, there is a bunch of fixes added to the game. You can see the whole list of them here. A lot of them fix bugs with other characters’ appearance or motion. But also some major technical issues like Dee-dee transport control issues became better.

We all eagerly waiting for the next big update that coming to My Time at Portia in a few months.

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