My Time at Sandrock Free Demo is now Live!

As a part of the Nextfest event on Steam My Time at Sandrock has presented its first free Demo that you can download and play right now! Read on to learn more details.

Pathea Games has announced Sandrock Story Demo is live on Steam now and will be active during the dates: June 16, 2021 till June 22, 2021. This Demo will mainly just be an introduction to the story and the new faces you’ll meet in Sandrock, but there’s still plenty more to explore!

My Time at Sandrock Free Demo has around 4 hours of gameplay, where you will meet new characters, build your very first toolkit, machines and admire sand landscape and biome. But also, don’t forget that you will play a Story demo that doesn’t include reach in-game features such as:

  • relationship activities,
  • workshop upgrades,
  • indoor decoration,
  • skill tree upgrades,
  • dungeon crawling,
  • farming,
  • children, etc.

All these features you will see in My Time at Sandrock Early Access version. If you want to learn more about it you can read our post about Farming in My Time at Sandrock.

You can download My Time at Sandrock free Demo from Steam for a limited period of time during the Nextfest (16-22 June 2021). Also, you may leave your feedback and join the game’s Discord channel.

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