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Neeko Spotlight reveal – League of Legends

Several hours ago Riot Games have revealed Neeko Spotlight on their official YouTube channel in League of Legends. Previously we’ve discussed other new LOL champions and remasters, like Swain or Kai’sa. But Neeko seems to be really something new. We think it can change a lot of common plays of current meta. So here goes the video. Let’s admire it together. As you watch think of the main role it can represent.

So how did you like Neeko Spotlight video? We think she is crazy! Though her abilities don’t bring anything particularly new, her passive is something out of this world! All of us are familiar with ticking damage abilities or those that come through enemy champions controlling them. Moreover, Neeko’s E is very alike LeBlanc’s Mirror Image with a different mechanics, of course. But Neeko Spotlight has showed us how cool a real passive can be. This Inherent Glamour can give a lot of advantages to the team. Just think about all of the options of ganking or starting a team fight it brings!

Also, we highly recommend you read a full description of Neeko’s ablities on Wiki. Here we just wanted to share with you some good news about The curious chameleon reveal. Soon we will be able to play it for free and then see all the real tricks the champion can do. That’s also when we start our YouTube channel to create some expert game review’s video content. We are going to show Neeko in the game and discuss all of the options with you. For now it’s all we had to say about Neeko Spotlight. And what about you, guys? What do you think about the new champion?

We think she might cover the mid-lane or jungle. Do you have any thoughts?

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