Northgard Basic Clans Description

Last week we published Northgard review an RTS game with a Viking theme. We told you everything about gameplay, modes and features. Today we will tell you more about Northgard basic clans. Please, note that in this guide you’ll see only starting clans. The ones you get when purchasing the game without DLCs.

Northgard Basic Clans list and description

There are six unique and balanced Northgard basic clans. Each of them has lore and specific way to win. You will need to understand the powers of your clan to succeed. So choose wisely.

Eikthyrnir, the clan of the Stag

Highly ambitious expansionists with a proud manner. Because of their great achievements they love strength and justice.

Eikthyrnir, the clan of the Stag

Eikthyrnir has great starting bonuses for novices. If you are learning to play and your main focus will be expansion and prosperity of your clan you should consider choosing the Stag.

Eikthyrnir starting bonuses:

  • +75 to all basic resources (food, wood, and gold)
  • +40 points to Lore (to choose new skills)
  • A unique building Skalds replaces Brewery and in addition to happiness produces Fame

Eikthyrnir Fame bonuses:

  • On the first level of Fame when you reach 200 Fame points the Stag get Supplies:
    +150 to basic resources (food, wood, and gold), +75 Lore points and +10 Stone.
  • When they reach 500 Fame points they get Dedication:
    +10% production in upgrade buildings and +1% increased all production every 100 Fame.

Eikthyrnir Relic:

It is called Hlidskjalf. And it gives your warchief Annexation ability: whenever he decolonizes a zone, you colonize it for free.

Heidrun, the clan of the Goat

They are great in struggling situations. The clan of the Goat are the best in dangerous conditions and sturdy settlements.

Heidrun, the clan of the Goat

An extremely effective clan for those who don’t love to fight. You can get a big advantage over other clans in achieving peaceful victories.

Heidrun starting bonuses:

  • You build a unique building Sheepfolds and get one sheep. Sheepfolds can hold 2 sheep on the first level and 3 sheep if upgraded. They give you bonus food.
  • The production bonus of your feasts is increased by 20%.

Heidrun Fame bonuses:

  • On reaching 200 fame points – Shepherd:
    Get 2 free sheep, one additional Sheepfold and +10% to food production.
  • On reaching 500 fame points – Teamwork:
    Get 1 free feast per year. While feasting all defence towers and military gain 20% resistance.

Heidrun Relic:

It is called Gefjun’s Jar. If your population cap allows you can summon new villagers for food to your Town Hall. Sometimes sheep can replace one villager. Also, required happiness level is reduced and you can build one more Sheepfold.

Fenrir, the clan of the Wolf

With a reckless heart, Fenrir desperately protects their freedom.

Fenrir, the clan of the Wolf

The Wolf clan is great for outrageous warriors. If your gaming style is obtaining a big and strong army then Fenrir is a good choice for you.

Fenrir starting bonuses:

  • Killing wolves and brown bears provides meat.
  • Military units consume 30% less food and provide happiness.
  • The very first unit you recruit is free.

Fenrir Fame bonuses:

  • On reaching 200 fame points – Dominion:
    Your Berserker can colonies cleared areas for free, but there is a cooldown on it.
  • On reaching 500 fame points – Assault:
    Grants your military units +15% attack outside your territories. Dominion ability cooldown is reduced by 50%.

Fenrir Relic:

It is called the Horn of Managarm. You can summon up to three white wolves to fight for you.

Huginn and Muninn, the clan of the Raven

They are great merchant and explorers. You will get an advantage among others in trade for sure.

Huginn and Muninn, the clan of the Raven

The clan of the Raven is a strong one. You will get enough money not only to buy resources but territories. And the best part is coastal raids, which help you get profit without wasting your troops.

Huginn and Muninn starting bonuses:

  • You can colonize territories not only with food but also with gold.
  • The sailing building is called Harbor. In addition to trading, you can also send Mercenaries to attack the coastal territories.
  • Get +10% gold from Merchants and Sailors.

Huginn and Muninn Fame bonuses:

  • On reaching 200 fame points – Recruits:
    You get 3 extra Villagers and 3 max population. In addition +1 happiness and better trading terms with your Homeland.
  • On reaching 500 fame points – Mercenaries:
    Mercenaries unlocked, +1 sailor in your Harbors.

Huginn and Muninn Relic:

It is called Naglfar. Your coastal raids now contain 2 Sons of Hrymrs.

Bjarki, the clan of the Bear

They have remarkable resilience. And resistance to sever and cold winters of Northgard.

Bjarki, the clan of the Bear

The clan of the Bear are great if you want to take advantage of other players in winter. Their excellent toughness will give you a good hand.

Bjarki starting bonuses:

  • Consumption of food and wood in winter is reduced by 30%.
  • You can summon Kaija, the Armored Bear to your training camp.
  • Unlike other clans, your military units get a 10% resistance bonus in winter.

Bjarki fame bonuses:

  • On reaching 200 fame points – Kindred Spirit:
    Kaija, the Armored Bear or Shield Maiden increase production in the area by 15%.
  • On reaching 500 fame points – The Bear Awakens:
    If you kill a unit with a Shield Maiden in the area get +3 fame per each. Your troops get +1% power per 100 fame points. Kaija, the Armored Bear can now go in enemy territory.

Bjarki relic:

It is called the Scabbard of Gram. Your warchief can freeze the enemies with the sword Gram.

Slidrugtanni, the clan of the Boar

The most mystical clan of other Northgard basic clans. They can understand nature better than others.

Slidrugtanni, the clan of the Boar

The clan of the Boar is the smartest one. You can get knowledge from nature and people find comfort in small things. If you want to achieve Lore history this clan is for you.

Slidrugtanni starting bonuses:

  • Unique building Mender’s hut. It replaces Healer’s hut and produces +1 Lore while not healing.
  • Every new territory provides 2 max population.
  • Non-upgraded houses and Town Hall don’t give penalties to happiness.

Slidrugtanni fame bonuses:

  • On reaching 200 fame points – Heritage:
    + 1 free knowledge. But it won’t count toward a Lore victory or blessing unlock.
  • On reaching 500 fame points – Greater Blessings:
    You get blessings’ upgrades.
    Freya: Winter penalty is massively reduced by 70% for food and 30% for wood.
    Baldr: +5 happiness.
    Jord: +10% attack to your warchief and upgraded towers.

Slidrugtanni relic:

It is called Mask of Gullinbursti. And it gives you +5 points to food production. Also, it reveals all forests and summons there an uncontrollable Giant Boar. If you the boar is in your territory they stay pacified and you can sacrifice them for food.

As you can see our guide can give you more understanding of Northgard basic clans. You can study their strengths and prepare for future battles. But if you are interested in the latest clan update, then visit Northgard Steam Page. Thanks for reading and come back soon!

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