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In the video above you can see a gameplay video that shows you almost all in-game features.

Old Wolrd Early Game Description

In the video, you will see the first half-hour of gameplay. At the first stage of the game, you will be engaged in exploration of the territory and settlement. In addition, you will build the foundation for future diplomatic relations, both with other rulers and with the tribes.

You will also have to take care of your citizens, creating comfortable conditions for them. To do this, you will need to research new technologies. And do not forget that learning otherwise becoming too tough or straightforward ruler you will have no choice but to declare war.

A war can be very inappropriate. Because you have to not only spend money on the war but also stop all construction for training the troops. Of course, at the very beginning of the game, it is worth taking care that all your cities have at least minimal protection.

Otherwise, it may turn out that, having arranged some long-distance raid on the barbarians, another player will suddenly hit the rear. And so you have to urgently return the troops back and not the fact that you will not lose your cities. And it’s difficult to recapture them.

In the video, you really will not see direct military action. But, for that is, the moment of settlement of the war through a contractual wedding. So as you can see Old World brings a lot of interesting gameplay options.

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