Open World and Multiplayer in Diablo 4

The major implementation that’s going to be added in Diablo 4 is open world and multiplayer in zones. You will be able to travel around the world and see other players playing the game. To learn more about Diablo IV open world and multiplayer features read on.

Diablo 4 Zones List

There are going to be five active zones in Diablo 4 that will be connected with each other and while travelling between them you will not see a loading screen. The whole world is going to be much bigger and you will experience the natural change of scenes between the regions. Further, we give a brief description of every zone.


This is a motherland for druids so you will see beautiful places with forests and coasts. Hear werewolves wandering around the area and conquer the Drowned, the new monster family that haunts the coastline.

Fractured Peaks

Fractured Peaks Diablo 4

A snowy mountain in the middle of nowhere. Inhabitants feel that the darkest powers are awakening so they prepare themselves for battle. Though looking down on the lands far below.

Dry Steppes

Dry Steppes Diablo 4

Strange and violent deserted place. You will likely to meet bandits or cannibals that are doing their best at surviving in this cursed lands.


Hawezar Diablo 4

A tricky place with snakes and swamps. A place perfect for someone calling himself a witch. Only a person with special knowledge could survive in these terrible places.


A place for cultists trying to aid the return of the ancient Prime Evils. The desert shadows of Kejhistan make excellent cover for all who is involved in such horrific events.

Diablo 4 Mounts

In Diablo IV you will be able to travel around the open world on your mount. Actually, you can collect the whole collection of them by finding them around the world or completing quests and puzzles.

Diablo 4 Mounts

In addition, to different breeds, you will be able to customize your mount with horse armour like hoof plates or even trophies that will show your accomplishments. As for the horseshoes, they will influence the speed that your horse can run, which is really great too. All classes in Diablo 4 will have a specific ability that you can use to simultaneously dismount and engage the fight with monsters.

What are camps in Diablo 4?

Open world of Diablo IV is full of mysteries and evil waiting around the corner. Camps are strong groups of monsters everywhere around. You will find them in the places left abandoned after Malthael has killed most part of the people. These places will be full of skeletons, undead and other unrested souls.

Your task as a player is to clear the camps to return these areas to people, so they can rebuild them and live on. So camps are fixed locations and you will know where are they located. When you clear them you impact the whole open world that everyone can see. In addition, the camp will now be a new waypoint on the map with new vendors and other stuff and all thanks to you.

The other important thing about diablo 4 open world and map is that now you will be able to move horizontally. Some places will have ledges that you can move down or up. Also, you will need to jump across precipices. Those will appear after you clear the camp and get access to new places. Not all of them are so obvious and you will need to think before you move.

How multiplayer works in Diablo 4?

Blizzard promises where you choose how to play it. When it comes to the campaign you can freely do it yourself. Or if you decide to group up with your friends it is also possible. But it is likely that only the leader of the party will get the progress.

In the open world, you will see other players and specific events, like world bosses. You can choose to fight it with other players without the need to group up with them. So you will experience some kind of MMO-like features.

There is also PvP in Diablo 4. Everywhere around the open world, you will find places corrupted by Mephisto, called the fields of hatred. His power will make you turn against your fellows. You will not need to go to PvP zones, it is up to you whether you want or don’t want to play against other players. In these zones, you will need to interact with a totem to start a ritual. That’s when other players around this place will hear you doing it and will come to fight you for the shards you brought to exchange during the ritual. You can collect the shards of hatred anywhere but only during this ritual you can purify them and get awesome rewards like specific gear or mounts.

When you play in PvP and kill other players you collect hatred points. When you get enough of them you will get a new status Vessel of Hatred. Now you will be shown as a threat on the map and other players will get a bonus for killing you. For some period of time, you will need to protect yourself by hiding (not on a waypoint or leaving the zone) or killing everyone who tries to stop you, you will get a great bonus for managing to survive and protect the Vessel of Hatred status.

Delving Dank Dungeons

These are separate instances. You won’t see other players there unless you are in a party of 4 members maximum. In dungeons, you will see some tough challenges and better loot, of course.

Levels of the dungeon will generate randomly and may content of interior or exterior areas. You can imagine it as a Rift from Diablo III to get the main idea. Events and challenges in them are going to spawn randomly as well. This is similar to event rooms in locations during the Bounty farming in Diablo 3. Delving Dank Dungeons are not part of the open world, so you will see the loading screen as usual.

But that’s not all. Each dungeon in Diablo 4 will have specific Dungeon objective. There’s going to be a lot of them and they will affect the way monsters act in a dudgeon. In addition, while moving to the next level you might see tougher enemies and better rewards. Developers promise to work over this feature to make every dungeon run unique and interesting.

End game Dungeons

As you play you will see keys to dungeons. Those keys will upgrade the dungeons we’ve been telling you above. They will become harder and get new affixes. So you will know what you are going to face in there. This is a part of end-game content that stands on three pillars: variety, strategic depth, and player agency. The best thing here is that you will have time to prepare for battle in advance and enter the Keyed Dungeon all armed.

That’s it for now. But we will update this post as soon as we learn more.

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