Ostriv Early Access Review

Today I would like to introduce you not only to the game but also to Slavic culture. Because Ostriv carries a little more than gameplay. But first things first. Ostriv is an indie city builder with elements of strategy and early Ukrainian village simulation. The game is still in early access (very early, as it is only alpha) but still it is extremely interesting to play even on this stage of development. Also, I’d like to add that there is one person working on this promising project, so buying the game will help it release earlier. 😉

Ostriv Description

The events take place in 1721 somewhere in Ukraine. You will have the opportunity to build a small village (khutir) and develop it into a worthy town. The atmosphere of the game should be noted separately. If one has never been interested in Slavic history and traditions, Ostriv will be a novelty for all lovers of city building.

In addition, I want to note the composer who created the musical accompaniment in the game. Music completely complements the game and adds to it a special atmosphere. And the graphics are of very high quality and although there are still unfinished textures of the buildings, the overall impression is very pleasant.

Ostrive Gameplay and Features

First of all, you will be engaged in construction. Since the game has a realistic calendar, much will depend on the time of year. Keep this in mind when you build something. Moreover, you will need to pay attention to infrastructure and building locations. For example, your thatchery won’t work effectively if you construct it far from reeds. As your workers will spend too much time travelling but not working.

You will need to build an agricultural centre. There you will have fields with different kinds of cultures. As well as mills and oil crafting to make products from the raw materials you gather. In addition, you can build animal farms of a different kind such as cows, pigs, chickens and even more about to come!

But all of that won’t work if you don’t build a trading post. There will be 3 other towns except for yours. You can send there a manager to trade. After he reaches the destination you will see the list of products he requests and the ones you can buy from the town. That is the way you buy livestock, for instance. Also, you will need to manage your village competently. As your economy and income depend on your managing skills/.

But the most interesting part of the game is the population. It actually lives their lives. They get married, work, get pregnant and give birth to children, who will grow up and form the core of your future workers. So it is extremely important to keep taking care of your people.

Roadmap and Future Plans

Ostriv is already a decent game to play, but if you want to get more features you will soon enough. What the future implementations are you can read below in the dev roadmap, that we took from Ostriv main page.

  • campaign (story mode)
  • improved trading: trade by sea and by river, negotiations, discounts, reputation
  • more statistics(production, consumption, trade etc.)
  • more production chains
  • education, religion, entertainment
  • graveyards
  • crime, justice and security
  • more types of housing(row houses etc.)
  • more types of bridges, paved roads
  • pigs✓, sheep, chicks✓, orchards, more crop types
  • more sound effects and music✓ even more
  • improved graphics and optimized performance for bigger cities
  • Linux (and maybe Mac) support
  • weather effects
  • improved navigation
  • cats and dogs
  • more believable behaviors, social activities, animations
  • more realistic products consumption, real demand for food variety
  • products quality, spoilage
  • worker experience, sharing experience, manager skills
  • private businesses
  • vehicles wearing out
  • more town hall functionality : advisors, policies, personnel management
  • more maps with different landscape types
  • ability to select camp position
  • better tree models
  • better UI
  • more languages
  • complete game manual and in-game tips
  • more options, customizable key bindings
  • customizable building colors, ornamentation
  • customizable building forms, free-form fields
  • modding support (level editor, building editor)

Above you can see the list of all the features that are supposed to be in Ostriv. The ticked ones are already done. And the other ones are pretty awesome and worth waiting.

We will keep you up to date about Ostriv and write a full review after it is complete.

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