Overcooked! Free Deal in Epic Games Store

As we have already mentioned Epic Games Store doesn’t announce free games deals beforehand now. Instead of that, they put a mystery game banner. There was a leak of information about Epic Games Story mystery games, that we kindly shared with you. But something must have changed as instead of Ark now we can see another game. So starting from today 4th June and until 11th June you can get Overcooked! free in Epic Games Store. What is going to be the next game? We don’t know yet, but we’ll do our best to find that out and share with you a mystery game schedule soon. And today let’s talk a little about Overcooked!.

Overcooked! Features and Description

Overcooked is a crazy kitchen simulator. You can play it in co-op with up to four players or alone. You will have to work as a team to prepare different dishes and serve them to nervous customers. But you must be really fast!

You will start a culinary quest. During this quest you will conquer different kitchens that will challenge not only culinary skills but also reaction. Prepare for a long and interesting journey where you’ll pump you coordination and cooperation skills.

If you are playing in co-op be sure to pick a team that you can communicate with as much will depend on your capability to work together as a team. Like on any other kitchen each of you will be responsible for different processes and only together you will cook a perfect dish.

Moreover, you will experience different ways to play the game. Upon playing you will open new levels, new chef characters and even competitive challenge levels which allow teams of two to compete one against the other.

You can get Overcooked! for free in Epic Games Store now. But remember that there is also Overcooked! 2 which is as awesome as the first part!

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