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If you are a fan of the game Overwatch then apparently you have already noticed that the game is now undergoing certain changes. All changes in Overwatch almost immediately now depend on how players play and see its development. And it’s wonderful that Blizzard decided to balance and change the game precisely with its community. Thanks to such an idea, Overwatch Experimental appeared. And further, we will tell you what it is and how you can participate.

What is Overwatch Experimental

In simple words, this is a special game mode that was introduced so that players can test certain features of the future patch. Based on the feedback and on the performance in general, Blizzard fixes and balances Overwatch. The first experiment began in February 2020, in which triple damage was checked. Below you can see the names of all the events related to Overwatch Experimental over the past six months.

Triple Damage – February 25th, 2020, to March 3rd, 2020
Hero Balancing – March 5th, 2020, to March 12th, 2020
Hero Balancing – April 1st, 2020, to April 6th, 2020
Crowd Control Reduction – April 23rd, 2020, to April 29th, 2020
Hero Balancing – May 12th, 2020, to May 19th, 2020
Hero Balancing – June 2nd, 2020, to June 5th, 2020
Hero Balancing – June 23rd, 2020, to June 26th, 2020

The next experiment is just around the corner, so stay tuned for updates coming soon.

How to get Overwatch Experemental

Actually very simple. Essentially, all you have to do is have a game. When you the lobby you can find the Experimental mode. You can also use experimental settings in a custom game. But don’t forget to leave your feedback in order to help Overwatch get better.

Overwatch experimantal mode details

Thanks to Overwatch Experimental, the game has already changed enough for the better. First of all, many champions are balanced so that there is no imbalance. So, for example, they revealed that Brigitte was incredibly strong and in this regard, she was nerfed in the last patch. And there are many such examples.

What is the difference between PTR and Experimental

Really colossal. Firstly, on PTR you do not have access to your account. There will be created a separate test account on which you have unlimited access to all resources, including skins, but this does not affect your real live account and its progress.

In Experimental, on the contrary, you play from your main account, you can level up and get rewards and on any platform. Moreover, the goal of PTR is to mostly find bugs, while in Overwatch Experiment everything is focused on the game, balance and performance in general.

Overwatch Experiments

In addition, the experimental mode allows you to test radically new features that may not take root in the game. Blizzard will immediately reveal this and I will not overload the game with unnecessary content, which will allow them to focus on the main thing – make Overwatch better.

We hope that our article has given a shaft to better understand what it is Overwatch Experimental. Do not forget to follow our updates and let’s participate in the next experiment together.

And here you can find out the details of the past Overeatch patch.

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