Overwatch New Season and Open Queue Mode

New 23rd Season is life in Overwatch. Together with it, Blizzard announced the open queue mode in Overwatch. Here we will try to explain what it means exactly for players.

Overwatch Open Queue Mode

You can see Open Queue in the Competitive Play menu in Overwatch. Thanks to this mode teams will have the opportunity to take the champions and roles they want. So the classical model of 2 Tank/2 Damage/2 Support will stay in Role Queue. Moreover, the Skill Rating you earn in Open Queue will be separate from the Role Queue. Open Queue has been added into Overwatch thanks to the experiment that players helped to handle.

These experiments will continue to balance the game even more and make it more interesting and fun. In addition, now in competitive Open Queue mode, you can play your favourite role more frequent.

The Open Queue format attracts more damage players than tanks or supports, which draws them out of Role Queue and helps balance out the roles there.

Michael Heiberg, principal game designer on Overwatch.

As a result, adding new open competitive queue made the process of finding a team faster in both Open and Role queues. But what is more important is that now all kinds of players can enjoy playing Overwatch. In future we will see even more great implementations and new features that will make Overwatch better.

We all hope you find new Overwatch Season fun! Find your way to play the game the way you like, enjoy reworked champions and implemented new features! And don’t forget to share your thoughts about the 23rd season in comments! In addition, we invite you to play Overwatch with us on our future streams, leave your Overwatch nicknames in comments and we will add you as friends to play together!

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